JMC’s lax approach forcing poor to sleep in open

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Dec 2018 15:19:01


Staff Reporter,

Unconcerned attitude of Jabalpur Municipal Corporation (JMC) is forcing poor and homeless people to spend sleepless night under open sky during winter. For the last 10 days the city has been facing severe cold conditions. The mercury is reeling below six degree Celsius.

As temperature is falling constantly, it has started creating problems for poor people. Rickshaw pullers, labour class people and beggars have to sleep under open sky at Bus Stands, Railway Stations and near religious places. They are in dire need of bonfire. Labour class people who come to the city from adjoining villages in want of employment also need the facility badly. During winters some poor and homeless even die due to freezing cold.

Despite severe cold, the civic body is taking no interest in providing shelter to poor and homeless people and forcing them to sleep along roads and footpaths. Poor people have been struggling to survive. A number of people can be seen sleeping on the banks of river Narmada and other public places. They have been facing trembling time as the people have no warm clothing and firewood to counter the harsh weather conditions.

Though the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation has eight Rain Baseras in the city to accommodate poor and homeless people, it is taking no pains to shift poor in the shelter homes. The shelters located at Rajagokuldas Dharmashala, Damohnaka, main Bus Stand, Gwarighat, Tilwaraghat, Tehsili Chowk, Elgin Hospital, Medical College and Hospital and Adhartal have enough space to give shelter to homeless. The JMC is also taking no interest in making bonfire arrangement at all public places.

It is the right time when the civic body must take needed step and shift poor and homeless people to rain baseras. The Municipal Commissioner should ask JMC employees and officials to visit public places and shift poor people to the shelter homes so that they could be saved from dying under awful conditions.

On one hand almost all beds at a Rain Basera are lying vacant while on the other, due to sheer  negligence and apathy of JMC, poor and homeless people are sleeping on footpath, during severe cold, on Thursday night. (Pics by Anil Tiwari)