Against pending Rs 2000 cr RTE bills, Govt sanctions only 5%

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Dec 2018 10:21:18


Staff Reporter,

Schools waiting for reimbursement of fee amount for 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 Founder President of MESTA Sanjayrao Tayade Patil says, releasing mere Rs 105 crore is laughable SCHOOL Education Department of Maharashtra has sanctioned Rs 105 crore as reimbursement amount to be distributed to schools against the admissions done under 25 per cent quota of Right to Education Act (RTE). This amount is merely 5 per cent of Rs 2,000 crore dues with the Government.

Every year Government increases the fees per student admitted under RTE. Atthe same time, the reimbursement dues also mount. Over Rs 600 crore to be given in the year2016- 17 and 2017-18 is pending with Government. Amount of Rs 800 crore of the year 2018-19 has been added to the previous pendency. In the State budget of 2018- 19, Rs 150 crore have been sanctioned for the disbursement while Rs 105 crore are made available. Founder President of Maharashtra English School Trustees Association (MESTA)SanjayraoTayade Patil told ‘The Hitavada’ over telephone, “Last year, Government sanctioned only Rs 30 crore.

On one hand, it is increasing thefeesper student. On the other, mounting dues are not cleared.” MESTA had warned School Education Department that it would not co-operate if the dues were not cleared by the Government in stipulated time. But the warning did not work. Under RTE Act, it is mandatory for the schools to keep 25% of seats for admissions tostudents eligible under the Act. Government would pay Rs 14,000 per student (admitted under RTE Act) to schools. This amount was raised toRs 18,000per year per student. According to MESTA, Government has paid 65% of the total amount to some schools that too for the academic year 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15,2015-16.

Not a single penny has been paid against the admissions doneunderRTE in the academic years 2016-17 and 2016-18. Sanjayrao Tayade Patil said, “There are several issues pertainingtoschooladmissions whichwebroughtto thenotice of HRD Minister. We want TC should be made compulsory, we should get RTE refund regularly,conflictingcirculars/GRs, which defeat the implementation of the RTE Act, Government’s refusal to reimburse fees to weaker section studentsforpre-primaryadmissions etc are to be well taken care of. Secondly, we have no power to fail students if he or she does not perform.”

Govt shows disparity towards private school, alleges Tayade Amount which Government pays to a student of its own school is much bigger than it gives as reimbursement to the private schools. Dr Sanjay Tayade Patil,President of MESTA said, “Government gives us maximum Rs 18,000 per studentperyear.Ifaschoolcharges Rs 40,000per student admitted not under RTE, it still gets only Rs 18,000 against the student admitted under RTE. Contrary to this if a school charges Rs 5,000 then Government gives onlyRs5,000per studentunder RTE.Government says ,it would compare the amount of fees chargedby school andgivenby Government. The lesser one would be given to school. This is unjustifiable.”