Cops seize gold, diamond jewellery worth Rs 30 lakh from delivery boy

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Dec 2018 11:19:35


Staff Reporter,

Gold and diamond jewellery worth Rs 30 lakh were intercepted from a courier boy at Nagpur Railway Station by Railway Protection Force (RPF). The special crime detection team was on patrol duty when they sighted a person near Itarsi end on platform no. 3. Head Constable Usha Tigga and constable Vikas Shamra along with women constable Sharma Dhomne felt that the youth was behaving in suspicious manner and hence they detained him.

The youth later identified as Jayesh Kumar Mishra (26), a resident of Sudam Lane, Itwari, was having just a single sling bag with him. He was taken to RPF station wherein Sub-Inspector Vidyadhar Yadav was on duty. During his interrogation the youth could not provide satisfactory answers and search of the bag yielded gold and diamond studded jewellery.

The parcel was collected from Khandelwal Logistic Courier Company of Mumbai and same was picked up at Nagpur Railway station by Mishra. The courier arrived from Mumbai by Train No. 12809 Bombay Mail. As there was no proper papers for identification RPF seized the material and informed the matter to Sr. Divisional Security Commandant Jyoti Satija.
RPF later informed the Income Tax Department abut the interception of a courier parcel and same was handed over to them. The total cost of jewellery is pegged at Rs.30.44 lakh. During the year, RPF has intercepted such courier containing gold and diamond ornaments worth Rs. 2.6 crores in five cases.