RTO collects about Rs 4.78 cr from traffic violators in 2018

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Dec 2018 11:59:10


Staff Reporter,


Traffic Police Department collected about Rs 4.78 crores from 1,37,247 vehicle drivers for violation of various provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, besides running training/awareness programme in educational institutions in 2018.
Traffic Police also referred 1,735 cases to the Court, which collected about Rs 30,27,200 as penalty.

Of the total cases, 872 were of irresponsible driving, 8,805 of without registration, 58,865 of no parking, 27,710 of tripling on two-wheelers, 12,392 of traffic signal violations, 940 of over-speeding, 173 of entry in prohibited roads, 76 for overloading on goods vehicle, 357 of tinted glass, 608 of without permit driving, 1,203 of drunk driving, 741 of driving without uniform, 625 of using mobile while driving, 2,851 of carrying passenger on side of drivers in auto-rickshaws, 1,404 of driving without license, 83 of pressure horn, 8,258 of driving without PUC, 6,128 of driving without wearing helmet, and 6,156 under other provisions.

In addition, driving licenses of 3,281 drivers have been sent for cancellation to the transportation office and 621 drivers were fined for driving without tying seatbelt.