Stomach infections on rise due to consumption of roadside food

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Dec 2018 12:25:24


Staff Reporter,

When the temperature drops, people crave for food that can fight the cold outside. People crave for warm food to curb the biting cold weather. But in the busy life, people consume warm food from roadside eateries and this causes stomach infections.

Doctors are concerned about increasing stomach infection cases in the warm weather. They said that, cold weather is usually accepted as the healthy weather in medical terms, but increasing stomach infection cases during this cold weather is making them concerned.

Dr Nitin Pal, General physician while talking to ‘The Hitavada’, told that he is witnessing increasing stomach infection cases these days. Perhaps, he is seeing 60 percent patients in his daily OPD are suffering from stomach infection and are complaining about stomach flu. He said that, during this cold weather, people start consuming warm food from roadside eateries to satiate the crave of taste buds. But this food from roadside eateries at the same time is causing stomach infection.

He added that food vendors don’t use quality food items and at the same time, they use several chemicals and unhealthy products to enhance the taste of their food products. This harms the stomach and makes the person suffer from the stomach ache. Also, unhygienic conditions near the roadside eateries play the vital role in triggering the stomach infection. Therefore, he suggests people to avoid roadside food. This can cause bad health.

Dr Pal suggested people to consume healthy food from hygienic places to curb biting cold. He also suggested people to consume warmer food and beverages during the cold weather as this will keep them safe from cold and will also save them from the throat and stomach infections.