T-16 tiger found dead in Paoni

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Dec 2018 11:28:45


Special Correspondent,

A male tiger T-16 aged about 6/7 years was found dead in Chichgaon beat, Paoni Forest Range of Umrer-Paoni-Karhandla (UPK) Wildlife Sanctuary on Sunday morning. The tourists and guide visiting the sanctuary saw the carcass and informed higher authorities.

Range Forest Officer, Paoni, confirmed death of the tiger. Forestmen followed due procedure as per the SOP of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) for the tiger death and carcass disposal. A committee was formed that consisted of Rahul Gavai, Divisional Forest Officer, Sanjay Karkare, Representative of Chief Wildlife Warden, Rohit Karoo, Honorary Wildlife Warden and Representative of NTCA, Dr B M Kadu, Dr Chetan Patond and Dr Gunwant Bhadke, Livestock Development Officer.

Local investigation at the scene of crime and post-mortem were carried out as  per the SOP. Apparently, there were no i8njury marks on the body to indicate any  territorial fight or any other injury. No body part was found missing. Ravikiran Gowekar, Chief Conservator of Forest and Field Director, Pench Tiger Reserve, Nagpur, informed that the samples were collected to ascertain the cause of death, including any infection or suspected  poisoning. The samples have been collected for toxicological, forensic and histopathological investigation.

The surrounding area of the sanctuary has been known for unnatural deaths in the past too. Consdering this history, the forest department will be looking into all aspects of the case, including suspected revenge killing. he added. Reliable sources informed that T-16 known as ‘Charger’ was the litter of iconic Jai tiger and Rayee tigress. T-16 was father of three cubs.