Youngest pilot to take solo in the world has Nagpur links

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Dec 2018 11:26:37


By Nandu Andhare,

To all those airworthy and aeroplane crazy people, flying is dream. Many have not flown themselves, yet are crazy beyond words, who in turn have become great professional aero-modellors. Those lucky ones who get the opportunity make the best out of it, like 14-year-old Mohd Faizy.

In India, learning to fly privately is a very costly hobby. Very few can afford it. Only those who want to become commercial pilots generally take to learning flying at the various Flying Clubs in the country. Other options are making a career in the Indian Air Force, where you get paid for learning and enjoying your flying. Stringent rules and laws make it impossible for a youngster below 18 years to join the flying Club.

The No 2 Mah Air Sqn NCC at Nagpur used to provide power flying and gliding to its cadets, till Government Red tapism put an end to power flying and gliders became absolute, replaced by Microlights that only gave joyrides. Today, Nagpur flying Club has four to five brand new Cessna 152, state-of-the-art avionics equipped aircraft parked behind closed doors of a hanger, with no Chief Pilot Instructor to fly these. Abroad, there are umpteen number of private flying schools, with a wide range of Trainer Aircraft, and there, probably, the conditions are within one’s acceptance range, particularly age.

Canada-based Mohd Faizy flew his first solo at the age of 14 years in a fixed wing Cessna 152, creating a world record. The Hitavada received the news about Mohd Faizy’s record, through his uncle Quaid Faizy, a city-based commercial pilot, presently Captain on SpiceJet Airline.
It was fun talking to Capt Quaid, who, himself a Pilot with vast flying experience and appeared quite excited in sharing the news with The Hitavada. This scribe being a student Pilot licence holder in his college days, also could not contain the excitement and could virtually visualise the thrill of taking the first solo, soaring in the blue sky, controls in hand, no instructor to bark at.

Capt Quaid Faizy spoke at length about how his nephew went about doing that record breaking feat. “Mohd Faizy is a fourteen-year-old boy from Mississauga, who created a world record of flying solo in the Cessna 152 on December 18, 2018. Mohd Faizy broke his own cousin’s record Mansoor Anis, who did this in 14 years, 3 months. Interestingly both are cousins and belong to Nagpur. I like to tinker with computers, that is how I made and developed my own flight simulator at home, equipped with best of basic avionics, on which Faizy played about, like how children today play computer games. That is how, he got the hang of it. Added to this was his sister Zahabia’s taking him on board for a joyride several times, that Faizy got hooked on to, like a duck taking to water. Mohd Faizy took his first solo flight in Vancouver with a flight instructor when he was twelve-year-old.

He enjoyed watching the scenery from top and became passionate about flying. He took his flight training lessons at Brampton Flight Centre, Caledon in Greater Toronto area. He completed his PSTAR examination scoring over 90%, Radio Certificate examination and medical examination, prior conditions to taking the solo, before completing the age of fourteen years.
Guinness Book of World Record has accepted his claim to becoming the youngest Pilot to fly solo. Mohd Faizy’s father is Hassan Faizy from Ujjain and mother is a Physiotherapist”.