Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Dec 2018 12:07:42


By dr rashmin deshmukh,

A handsome remuneration for simple enjoyment can really be an exciting equation. If we best utilise our vacant hours they can ably support our ever growing financial needs. We search the entire world for the right kind of job, profession or business for ourselves, but we often fail to locate the promising work in our own home yard which can build a bright and beautiful career.

All of us practice some pastime. A variety of activities are individually performed by us to spend our free time which include reading, writing, drawing, painting, singing, knitting, sewing, video gaming, crafting, collecting, net surfing, watching movies, videos, travelling, exercise, cooking, gardening.

Our pastime is an activity that we greatly love and enjoy to do in our spare time. All our life, we happily engage in the leisurely pursuit of this pleasure and over the period of time most of us also excel in it. Yet only few of us think of practicing our peculiar avocation as a full time profession. In fact rightly focusing on very basic things and dedicatedly working on it can convert our pastime activity into a wonderful and rewarding profession.

Getting monetarily rewarded for our pleasure time can be a dream deal. So, all of us definitely need to spend a serious thought to it. A person who loves travelling can setup a fabulous travel company or work as an outstanding tour guide. One who loves reading can magically develop himself into the best publisher, editor or a library owner. A person who writes well and simply practices writing as a hobby or pastime can expand his scope of writing and become a very successful professional freelancer or a fine content writer.

This way one can not only enjoy the work but end up being the best in the field. With a relaxed and happy heart tagged to the occupation, a huge success awaits anyone who is able to convert and develop his pastime into a profession.
In this regard we have the excellent example of Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates who as a child spent his maximum free time in the computer room of his school. He was greatly interested in computer software and often ‘played’ with it. He detected errors in the school software and also gave suitable suggestions on removing them. The school gifted him a computer and soon he developed Tic Tac Too game at 13 years of age. Bill Gate’s onetime pastime with sheer hard work and right motivation evolved him as the richest person in the world.

History has been a witness that whenever a leisure time activity was recognised at right time for its potential to succeed and taken up as a career it created icons in the respective field. Proper guidance, inspiration and support for a casual, natural, enjoyable activity have made greats ‘what they are’ today.

There is a Humanistic view in Psychology that in every person there is an active force striving towards self actualisation that is a desire to be ‘all that you can be’. Accordingly when human personality unfolds in kind and gentle environment these creative forces inside get a complete freedom to act and express and the positive inner nature of human being emerges. A relaxed pastime has exactly this potential to bring ‘best’ out of ‘you’.
Let us give a sincere thought and devote genuine efforts to convert pastime into a promising profession. In doing this the following guidelines can be greatly helpful.

First of all we must clearly make out what is our favourite pastime, what we love to do the most in our mastered time, something that we are really passionate about. One need not take a hasty impulsive decision on adopting pastime as a fulltime work. We need to analytically foresee if our pastime will continue to give us joy for long time or crumple under professional pressure.

We must logically and practically think beforehand if it can really earn bread and butter for us. Introspection and circumspection are very important before one arrives at the all important decision of life. Make no hurry but also see to it that you don’t waste your valuable time in diffidence. Believe in yourself. Be firm once the idea has intellectually appealed you.

Take suitable steps at right time because only hitting it at right time will produce the desired bang. Adopt a timely and planned approach to the work. It is sure to pay handsomely.

Take formal education, training, about the activity intended to be undertaken. Gather professional knowledge about the work from whatever sources available. If you are not able to manage time for this you can opt for the part time courses which are in offering by many private institutions, open universities and online distance education providers. A practical wisdom from the practicing experts and veterans in the field can bestow you the most valuable guidance on this front.

Always be in search of a right mentor whom you may discover at any point of time and in any form. Developing and practicing qualities like integrity, reliability, punctuality, flexibility, adaptability, determination, grit and sociability can greatly contribute to success.

One needs to talk persistently to the variety of people already working in the area. Do plenty of online as well as on the field research. In today’s technologically ‘enlightened’ era one can make best use of the modern means of communication to communicate about the leisure pursuit and develop a network so that you get a market or platform to practice it.

Be ever inquisitive, search for newer avenues where you can demonstrate and market you pastime. Participate in related competitions at various levels. This will activate and motivate your mind to search for more and more innovative ideas.

Fiercely compete with yourself so that you should be able to proudly stand before you with head held high. Don’t give a half-hearted try plunge into your pastime with all your qualities. There is no harm being ambitious if you are sincerely working for achieving your ambition. Be all drunk with your pastime and you are sure to deliver the best.
Be sincere, serious and honest about your pastime. Be innovative, and creative and imaginative. Think differently and aspire to give unique creations to the world. Be regular, persistent, keep devotedly working hard and with patience, let your pastime add value to your life.

Swami Vivekanda has rightly said “Conquer yourself and the world is yours”. So discover you’re ‘self’ and be all yourself. Choose what you ‘are’, do what you ‘are’ and unconditionally love what you do this is sure to take you to the pinnacle of the newly created profession.

Always remember that Almighty has created you with a special purpose and you are the one and only creation in the world with different attributes. Literally there is no ‘replacement’ for any individual in this world. So with your own unique qualities, special abilities and competence thoughtfully try the conversion. I am sure it will transform your life.