BHEL removes encroachments in township

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Dec 2018 11:20:54


Staff Reporter,

The Eviction Cell of TAD Department of BHEL Bhopal has successfully organised the expulsion of unauthorised Godown, Fodder Shop in Habibganj area of BHEL Township. This godown and shop had an encroachment of approx10,000 sq ft of valuable land which was in the possession of Natvarlal since 1989.

This land was allotted to Natvarlal on license basis in 1989 for a period of six years as a fodder shop which in due course had unpaid liability of around Rs. 1.5 lakhs on account of license fees etc. Further, the case was lying pending under litigation in Estate Office of BHEL.

Moreover, this encroached land was being used by persons other than the initial licensee Natvarlal.  Considering into such grave irregularities, BHEL Estate Office issued a warrant for vacation of the encroachment in March 2018 and subsequently, on December 6 2018, the Eviction Cell has undertaken the successful operation for vacation of the godown shop in Habibganj. Material amounting to six truck load is confiscated. Above eviction activity could take place with the support of Civil Department and Security Department of BHEL involving 01 JCB machine, 3 trucks, 1 tractor trolley and a workforce of more than 40 employees of Civil Department.