Serial killer who killed 5 persons held

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Feb 2018 12:59:05

Staff Reporter

Dhamtari Police finally caught the serial killer who had brutally killed five persons including two women, a girl, a boy and a man of two different families following clues from mobile tower dump and then by narrowing down the list of suspects, the accused Jitendra Dhruv, 30, who resides in Telinsatti village in Dhamtari district, gave vent to his sexual lust in committing the murders and also committed theft of ornaments and cash. The accused had illicit relation with one of the women he killed.

Deceased persons in one of the incidents were a 50 year old woman and her 20-yearl old daughter. It happened during the intervening night of August 17 and 18, 2016 at Khapri village in the limits of Arjuni police station. The woman and the daughter were killed in their house. Deceased persons in the other case were a 38-year old man, his 32-year old wife and the couple’s 11-year old son. Another son who was 13 years old was seriously injured. This incident had occurred during the intervening night of July 12 and 13, 2017.

In the Khapri incident, a spade belonging to the household was used as the killing weapon. In the other incident, carpenter’s tools were used as means. Construction work was going on in a relative’s house adjacent to the house of the victim. Gold ornaments and cash to the tune of Rs 1.90 lakhs were stolen from the two households.
Similarity between the incidents stirred the sixth sense and it led to a conviction that one person might be involved. Corresponding with the date of incidents, mobile tower dumps from Sambalpur village and Gujrati colony tower was taken and as many as 1,44,000 Sim holders were minutely investigated. Voters’ list of relevant villages and other places were taken and 12,698 males between 18 to 45 years were questioned. Aadhaar cards of all the local persons and outsiders working in rice mills and other establishments near the places of incidents were also taken and people were interrogated. Findings from the mobile numbers of the deceased persons were also taken into consideration, informed Inspector General of Police, Raipur Range Pradeep Gupta, at a press conference in the state capital on Wednesday accompanied by Dhamtari Superintendent of Police Rajnesh Singh.

In September 2017, a special team was made inclusive of Cyber Cell In-charge Inspector Rakesh Mishra, Station House Officer, Arjuni, Inspector Umendra Tandon, Head Constables 147 Pradeep Singh, 196 Prahallad Banchore and Constable 371 Kuldeep Rajput. This special team took into account the big list of suspects and short-listed such persons who were aged between 18 to 40 years and were not in the good books of the people living in Khapri and Telinsatti villages and nearby. The team further narrowed down its list to such persons who did not have any definite source of income, but still squandered money, indulged in addiction, had criminal record and tendency of beating or manhandling cruelly.

A list of 30 to 35 prime suspects was then made and information regarding these people was collected secretly from their friends, relatives and closely associated people. During this exercise, it was known that one of the suspects Jitendra Dhruv had sold gold and silver ornaments through his friend to a Dhamtari based Jeweller. It was further known that Dhruv has been living over the past six years in Telinsatti village on rent and before that he was caught by police in Bhopal in a criminal case. He had no sources of income, but still indulged in liquor with his friends and squandered money.

Police took Dhruv into custody and in course of being interrogated minutely and psychologically, he confessed. In the Telinsatti incident, he entered the house with the intention of stealing, but as one of the members woke up and noticed him, he charged at the man severely with carpenter’s hammer and other means. His wife and two sons then woke up, but they too were severely charged by the accused. Even when the wife had lost her consciousness, the accused vented