Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse important from scientific point of view’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Feb 2018 12:49:01


Staff Reporter

Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday was unique from others as it happened at Super Blue Moon. The celestial event remained important from scientific point of view, said Dr N K Chakradhari, School of Studies in Physics & Astrophysics, Pt Ravishankar Shukla University (PRSU), Raipur.
When Moon is nearest to the Earth at full-moon during its elliptical orbits around Earth, it is known as super-moon because at this point moon appears apparently 14% bigger, also its brightness increases by 30 %. But it is difficult to notice this difference in daily life. The first full-moon of the year 2018 was on 2nd January and the second full-moon happened on January 31st.

Hence there were two full-moon this month during moon’s nearest approach to earth. This type of full moon is known as super blue moon, Dr Chakradhari said. Lunar eclipse, occurred on Wednesday, is also known as copper blue moon eclipse.

“It was a great opportunity that we were able to see this eclipse from our own city. For Raipur Chhattisgarh, the penumbral (light) shadow of earth started falling on to the moon at 04:21 pm and the dark shadow (umbral) at 05:18, However moon was below horizon during these times. At 05:48 pm the moon rose in the East direction and at 06:21, the moon was completely covered by Earth’s shadow,” said Dr Chakradhari. Though the moon was in complete shadow it appeared in copper colour. This makes moon attractive to the people. This colour is due to the Earth’s atmosphere. The full eclipse was there till 07:37, and after this the umbral/dark shadow started decreasing till 08:41. The effect of light shadow was there till 09:38 and hence moon appeared dull till this time. Arrangements for the students and public were made at Physics and Astrophysics Department of PRSU.

Despite myths and superstitions around total Lunar Eclipse, people were seen looking at the sky to witness one of the unique celestial events and busy capturing the image with their mobile phones. ‘Marine Drive’ Telibandha Talab witnessed the most crowd, youths in particular, during the Lunar Eclipse and they were seen taking selfie while capturing the lunar eclipse.