Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Feb 2018 11:20:49










L IFTING of ban on refugees from 11 high-risk countries by the United States is a welcome departure from its policies propounded by the President Mr. Donald Trump soon after assuming the charge. Mr. Trump had slammed the doors on the migrants as well as refugees flocking the US, which had the tradition of welcoming people from all around the world with open arms and giving them equal opportunities to prosper. The US is what it is today also because of the contributions made by the people from all around the world who made the US their home. However, after the US faced a bad patch due to terror attacks on its soil killing thousands of its citizens, Mr. Trump, who had a rethink on allowing people a free access to the US, had imposed several restrictions on those seeking refuge in the US. The decision of Mr. Trump was widely criticised at home and outside. Wise counsel ultimately seems to have prevailed, leading to lifting of the ban on refugees by the US. This is a good humanitarian gesture by the US which should be welcomed.



IT was a prudent decision on the part of the Government to abolish all posts that have been lying vacant for more than five years. Several posts are usually created even though they are not required, only to curry favour with some people. And when a change of Government takes place, several decisions of the earlier Government are either revoked or scrutinised minutely by the new incumbent. That several posts in the Government were lying vacant for over five years reflects poorly on the working style of the previous Government. On the one hand, there is a massive unemployment in the country, and, on the other hand, previous Government had failed to fill up several vacant posts. Prudent management practices demand a regular review of the functioning of all departments with a view to fine tune the machinery. The same principle applies to the functioning of Government departments too. Since the work was going on smoothly despite several posts lying vacant for so many years, there was no harm in abolishing them altogether.