Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Feb 2018 09:32:23

THE directive of the Union Home Ministry to the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to deploy Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in State’s jails and also review complete the current security arrangement, is a significant step by the Centre. It is obvious that the Centre felt duly concerned over the serious security lapse when ultras ambushed a small police party in a Jammu hospital and ensured the release of a dreaded ultra. The J&K Police have taken quick and smart steps to arrest four personnel in this regard and have begun a probe as well. The Centre’s directive will add a great value to the overall security situation in Kashmir jails.

The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) enjoys a fantastic reputation as a professional police force. It might have faced some tough challenges in its long history. Yet, the overall performance of the CRPF has been of a sterling variety. The best mark of its professionalism is that whenever it faced issues of lapses by its personnel, its authorities have taken those instances as very serious and delivered appropriate responses. The Union Home Ministry’s directive to the J&K Government to have CRPF deployed in State’s jails indicates the high degree of faith the Government has on the force.

It is a national need to have our entire police force -- in all its formations and wings and categories -- to be turned fully professional. Currently, the Police force under State Governments is in various stages of modernisation all over the country. Yet, the process is slow and tedious. The first stress is on modernisation of weapons and equipment, as well as training methods. Despite this, the overall pace of modernisation is rather slow and not commensurate with the need of the hour. It is because of this reality that the Centre seems to have asked the Jammu and Kashmir Government to deploy CRPF security in State’s jails so that there is no repetition of the hospital incident in the future.

The situation in Kashmir is very volatile and needs to be handled very professionally by all wings of security set-up. It is clear that the terrorists are going to throw different and more serious challenges at the security forces, and those will have to be met with firmness. That the need of the hour.