Pathetic condition of sewage in ward no 46

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Feb 2018 11:16:11

By Jagrati Khanna,

RESIDENTS of D type Machna Colony are facing inconvenience because of sanitary issues and local corporator, Yogendra Singh Chouhan alleged BMC for designing pathetic sewage system in the city. Sewage lines of hostels are merged in open drainage line. Also citizens of the area are compelled to live in such unhygienic atmosphere.

Residents of the ward are planning to switch their house location as they are scared of insanitary prone diseases. A large number of people are suffering from insanitary condition, breeding mosquitoes and flies in the area due to open and choked drainages. People are scared to let their children out as they may fall in open drainage line. Citizens are embarrassed with the foul smell spreading in the area. They are worried about possible mishaps on the speedy vehicle passes from the same street.

Yogendra Singh Chouhan, Local Corporator while talking to ‘The Hitavada’ said “Hostels are unauthorised in the residential areas and were built after encroaching public land. I offered residents along with the hostel authorities to give some land to draw new sewage line but everyone is not agreeing on the same. Also people use to refuse their wastes in drains or backyard and sanitary employees can’t clear that stuff. I have already informed them to throw household waste as dustbins or roads I will make them picked.”

“I openly allege Bhopal Municipal Corporation employees that they have merged sewage lines into drainage system rather than designing separate and well maintained sewage system in the city. I am trying to serve my best and make proper justice with my designation and will take required actions to solve the sanitary problems of the ward members” said the local corporator.

Ramkali Mourya added that hygiene is necessary for every citizen but we are compelled to live in unhygienic amenities. The graph of rot prone diseases is regularly increasing in our society due to laxity of BMC’s sanitary workers. We have informed local corporator but he is not taking any actions in regards.

Rahul Vaishnav said that spending days in this filthy atmosphere is getting difficult for them and looking towards the hygiene issues they are planning to shift their house. His children are falling sick due to breeding organisms and he is scared to let them go out as the drains are open and choked.

Seema Shukla expressed her feeling with ‘The Hitavada’ and said   that she is fed up with pathetically designed drainage and sewage lines and she is scared if these could be the cause of some accident or mishaps in the area. Drains are choked and foul smell of the drainage and sewage lines  embarrasses them behind guests.

Kanta Agrawal stated that sewage line of private hostels are merged into drainage system and hostlers refuses their wastes in the same drains. This chokes the drainage system and invites flies and other animals to breed in the area. People are falling ill and facing numerous problems but local coporator doesn’t bothers to solve the problem.

Sangeeta Mehra mentioned that they are facing lots of sanitary problems. People are falling sick after being bitten by the rot prone flies and mosquitoes. We are forced to spend our pockets on the hospital bills. Also are scared to let our off-springs play outdoor games because drains are open and pathetically designed.