Hailstorm batters crops across Vidarbha region

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Feb 2018 10:10:46


Staff Reporter,

Untimely rain hit hard the standing crops leaving farmers in distress

Close to Maha Shivratri the season took a clumsy turn battering the Vidarbha region with hail and thunder showers on Sunday. Hail the size of big lemons reportedly hit parts of Buldhana and Akot while heavy rains battered entire Amravati region. The unseasonal rains damaged the standing crop leaving farmers staring at another lost season after the Kharif returns were not upto the mark owing to skewed rainfall.

Entire Vidarbha Region has reported good amount of rainfall which though brought some relief for urban dwellers, in rural areas it spelled doom. Particularly the hail wiped out any hope of good Rabi output, as the rains lashed at a time when all around the Tur, Gram and Rabi's rice was being collated after being left out for drying in the fields.
The city too received good amount of rainfall thereby watering down the weekend mood.

Over the past few days the skies has been cloudy and it appeared that rains are imminent and finally on Sunday afternoon the climax occurred. Since today morning it was totally cloudyand by afternoon the trembling sounds gave an indication of incoming storm. While the start was not that splashy but within no the rains gathered speed and it lashed for nearly an hour or so. Aided by strong winds the rains fury went on giving some anxious moment for Nagpurians.

As happens now a days, after every downpour puddles got formed all over the city, thanks to unscientific road planning. The rains at this time of year though no unusual however leaves behind a trail of destruction, particularly for farmers. Apart from levelling the plants the hail put paid to three months of labour which goes down the drains. The Rabi crop in the area where water was available was holding good and the extended winter season promised a good harvest but with this hail-cum-thunder showers the wheat, tur and other crop will take a definite hit.

Particularly more worrisome development is such cloudy weather helps fasten the growth of insects on the farms.
The weather office had infact predicted hailstorm owing to formation of a low pressure area over Arabian Sea. The situation is likely to persist for next day or so, the meteorological bulletin has predicted further.

The sudden turn around in weather means the sweaters and jerkins that were put off are needed to be brought out as the air is thick with chilly winds. Over last week there had been steady rise in day and night temperatures till the clouds stuck in and altered the cycle. The mix of air is however is troubling the citizens and there has been spate of case of viral fever from all parts of city. The maximum temperature has taken a wild hit and it dipped by next six degrees over the 24 hours period and minimum temperature is likely to fall over night as rain effects sinks in now. The city received 7 mm of rains.