No action against vendors openly using Calcuim Carbide

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Feb 2018 11:05:40

Our Correspondent

There has been resentment among people on the negligence of Food and Civil Supplies Department to check repeated complaints pertaining to use of chemical in fruits by vendors. Many of the seasonal fruits available in the market are reportedly dipped in chemical to make them ripe and ready for sale.

Raw fruits of various kinds are being dipped in chemical solution called Calcium Carbide. The intention behind the move is to get quick result for the vendor who then take the fruits in the domestic market to offer for sale. The solution used by vendor is considered unsafe and has adverse impact on human health. The department vested with the responsibility to take action against the vendors has failed to take note of the complaint lodged by residents.

Calcium Carbide happens to unsafe for human beings mainly in the backdrop of the fact that the solution contains toxic substance and can serious kind of illnesses among people who consume the fruit dipped in the chemical solution. Once the fruits are dipped for 24 hours duration, they become ripe and also their size gets enhanced. The short cut method adopted by fruit vendors to get premature fruits ripen has been responsible for several kind of diseases ranging from peptic ulcer, cancer and other ailments.

It is informed that under the provision of rule 44 A of Food and Adulteration Act, any attempt to ripen fruits prematurely by using Calcium Carbide solution is considered to be a serious offence.Despite growing resentment among residents, not a single inspector from the Food and Drug Department has found it obligatory to visit the market place and to collect sample of fruits. Inspectors of Food and Drug department have been empowered to collect sample fruits from market place. Once the sample is collected, it is forwarded to Public Analysis Laboratory. In case the sample tests positive in terms of usage of adulterated chemical solution, the fruit vendors are liable to get three years imprisonment.

Despite stringent action proposed under Food Adulteration Act, not many employees of the concern department consider it obligatory to raid vendors responsible for adulteration of fruits for sale in open market.
Residents have demanded attention from district administration to direct the concern department to take action against fruit vendors indulged in sale of premature fruit dipped in poisonous solution.