Several trees fall due to hailstorm in city

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Feb 2018 10:15:27

Staff Reporter

This weekend, heavy hailstones, rain and stormy wind showered all over the city. People were amazed with the frequent and unexpected rain of hailstone, lightning and thunder of black clouds. Around 15 trees fell down due to heavy winds at varying corners of the city.

The storm adversely affected the traffic of the city. People had to wait on roads till the tree was removed from the roads. Commuters faced various problems due to traffic jam while many escaped from the branches of falling trees. Also the residents faced power cut problem due to the hailstorm that continued even on Sunday night.

Istekhar Khan, Assistant Fire Officer BMC while talking to “The Hitavada” informed that they have received around 11 information of tree falling from Jahangirabad Square, Board
office Square, 85/56 Tulsi Nagar, Indrapuri near temple, 120/27 near 6 number market, Anna Nagar, Awadhpuri, P & T Colony, Kolar, Mata Mandir, Bhadbhada, Rajhans Colony, Patel Nagar near Oriental College, Piplani, Sonagiri near Hanuman Mandir, Shahpura. He added that none got harmed with the fallen trees but various properties got destroyed. Trees fallen over the house that destroyed few buildings and other assets but residents managed to escape somehow. Also the traffic of the city got adversely affected due to fall of branches on roads but fire officers took prompt actions on the complaints and tried to provide fastest rid from the hazard.

Murlidhar Verma, employee at private company informed that giant and a bulky tree unexpectedly fell on his house due to storm. The tree rammed over his house due to which the wall got cracked and tattered sheds that costs around Rs 25,000. They somehow managed to escape from the hailstorm and its life threatening affects but the storm ruined his entire house said Murlidhar.