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N OBODY is s u r p r i s e d t h a t Mumbai is the 12th richest city in the world. In fact, many felt that Mumbai should have ranked much higher on the global scale of richness. No matter that detail, what hurts most in case of Mumbai is that the city also hosts some of the poorest people in the country as well, in countless lakhs in numbers. Mumbai’s slums, its overall civic management, its absence of basic facilities to most of its citizens -- all these things make Mumbai one of the least livable cities in the country.

There are countless millions who make a beeline to Mumbai for their livelihood. But then, there also are much greater numbers who do not want ever to live in Mumbai because of its density of population, and its lack of basic overall facilities . Those millions who live in Mumbai to make two ends meet also agree to do so only under duress. This is not a mark of a rich city. Yes, many rich people have made Mumbai their home.Yet, overall, it is not a city that is livable by strict definition. This is one area that national planners must keep in mind.