Crops in 1.25 lakh ha affected in Marathwada, Vid

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Feb 2018 10:19:34


Staff Reporter,

ICAR-Central Citrus Research Institute issues Orange advisory

1) To control the fruit drop in Mrig bahar foliar application of 1.5 g 2,4-D, 100 g Benomyl or Carbendazim and 1.5 Kg Urea in 100 litres of water may be done as early as possible.

2) Dispose off the fallen fruits immediately from the orchard of Mrig bahar.

3) To increase the fruit size of Mrig bahar crop spray GA3 1.5 g and 1.5 Kg potassium nitrate in 100 litres of water.

4) For sustaining flowering and fruiting of Ambia bahar spray 1.5 g gibberellic acid, 100 g Benomyl or Carbendazim and 1 Kg Urea in 100 litres of water at the earliest.

5) In the orchards where both Mrig bahar fruits and Ambia bahar flowering has taken place, spray 1.5 g gibberellic acid, 100 g Benomyl or Carbendazim and 1 Kg Urea in 100 litres of water.

6) Remove broken branches and twigs with the help of secateurs. After that spray 100 g Carbendazim and 1 Kg Urea in 100 litre of water immediately.


Farmers in Maharashtra were hit badly after unseasonal hailstorms and rains, on Sunday, spoiled the standing crops. The preliminary assessment in Marathwada and Vidarbha has shown that crops on 1.25 lakh hectares have been affected due to the hailstorm, said the officials after a preliminary survey.

The unseasonal rains over the Western Vidarbha, especially hailstorm, have resulted in severe crop damage. Crops such as Wheat, Bengal Gram, Onion and Jowar, and fruits orchards of Orange, Grapes, Mango, Papaya, Pomegranate, and also other vegetables have been battered by the hailstorm.

The State administration has begun the process of assessment and panchnamas of loss suffered by farmers. Since hailstorms come under the category of natural disasters, insurance companies have been directed to provide aid to the affected farmers.

The agriculture department officials will conduct detailed panchanamas of the fields, along with officials of the revenue department, then only the exact extent and nature of losses will be known, said the local officials.

Meanwhile, one person lost his life due to electrocution in Deori of Gondia district while five were injured after getting caught in hailstorm on Sunday in Nagpur division.
Similarly, property and live stock losses has also been recorded in the division due to this natural disaster.
Further, the threat of crop damage over standing field crops is yet not over. Weathermen are predicting more spells of rains over parts of Maharashtra during the next 48 hours.

Keeping the situation in mind, State Government released an advisory to farmers for next 48 hours. According to the advisory, farmers should keep their agricultural products and equipments in a safe and dry place; farmers should take care of their agriculture products that stored in Bazar committees by their own; avoid open lands, transformers, under the tree to avoid any human and property loss.

According to State Agriculture Department, in Amravati, wheat and fruits on 26,600 hectares area were destroyed due to the hailstorm. In Buldhana, Washim and Akola, 32,700 hectares, 8,500 hectares and 4360 hectares of land have been found to be affected respectively. The situation in Nagpur division is little better but agriculture department is observing the next two days.

The bigger worry before farmers now is protecting whatever left of the standing crop from the pest attack as the cloudy weather is going to persist for next two to three days more. Also with prediction of rains the harvesting operations that were on is likely to take the break giving some tense moments for the farmers who would keep praying so that there are no further rains in the region.



Weathermen predict hailstorm in parts of Vid in next 48 hours

A low pressure trough that caused winds and hailstorm in Vidarbha on Sunday is now moving towards Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, still some parts of Vidarbha and North East of Nagpur may experience some hailstorm situations during the next 48 hours, predicts the Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC).

RMC director A D Tathe told The Hitavada, “There is no prediction of heavy rain or hailstorm chances over West Vidarbha, however the cloud formation will remain the same till Tuesday.”

On Sunday, Bhandara and Lakhni recorded highest 25 mm and 27.4 mm rainfall while Korchi in Gadchiroli recorded highest 42 mm rainfall. In Gondia district, Goregaon (11.2 mm), Tiroda (19.7 mm), Arjuni Morgaon (15.8 mm) and Deori (13 mm) recorded a moderate rainfall. In Nagpur district, Mauda (19.3 mm) recorded highest rainfall while Nagpur City (13 mm), Nagpur Rural (13 mm), Kamptee (15 mm), Hingna (15.5 mm), Saoner (14.4 mm), Ramtek (13.4 mm) and Parsheoni (16.3 mm) also marked rainfall. On Monday, Nagpur (13 mm) and Wardha (13.2 mm) recorded highest rainfall in Vidarbha while Buldhana (6 mm), Amravati (6 mm), Gondia (8.6 mm) and Akola (3.7 mm) also recorded rainfall.