Four held for murder of 17-yr- old minor girl

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Feb 2018 11:57:28

Staff Reporter

A 17-year old minor girl, who went missing from her house and a case of kidnapping was registered by police, is found to have been killed by her boy-friend. Raipur Police in course of reviewing the cases of missing persons has solved the case. The accused boy-friend Sahil Vishwakarma, 22, resident of Changorbhatha, and three others who were his friend and a married couple, who were brother and sister-in-law of the accused, have been arrested.

The three arrested accused are identified as Dinesh Vishwakarma, 33, and his wife Kusum Vishwakarma, 30, residents of Changorabhatha, and Nanu Behra, 21, resident of Bandhwapara that falls in the limits of Purani Basti Police Station. The missing case was registered a year ago in Kotwali police station, informed Additional SP, City, Vijay Agrawal, while briefing the media persons at Police Control Room on Monday.
In course of investigations, the police collected information regarding unidentified dead bodies of the said age from all the districts. The dead body related to a case of Arjuni police station, Dhamtari district, resembled the identity of the missing girl. Detailed information was collected and it was also noted that the time at which the body was found in Dhamtari and the girl went missing from Raipur were almost same. A case of murder was already registered in Dhamtari police station.
Family members when shown the things recovered from the dead body they confirmed that the things belonged to the girl. In course of further investigation, the police came to know that the accused Sahil Vishwakarma had told the family members of the missing girl that on March 7 last year when the girl was returning from her work he came to drop her at house, but the door was not opened so he brought her to his house and the girl stayed there with his sister-in-law.

Technical analysis brought to fore the conclusion that movement of the mobile phone of the deceased girl was towards Dhamtari on March 8 and that of Vishwakarma was in Raipur. Movement check of Sahil Vishwakarma on March 7 revealed movement of his friend Nanu also in Sejbahar.

On being interrogated, Nanu told the police that on the said date, Sahil took the girl to Sejbahar and he was also there. A dispute occurred between Sahil and the girl and he then killed her by strangulating and left the body there.
Sahil on being interrogated confessed that after committing the murder in Sejbahar he came to Raipur and told about the same to his brother Dinesh Vishwakarma and sister-in-law Kusum Vishwakarma.

The three then went to Sejbahar, taking their own autorickshaw and taking the body of the girl from the sport, dropped it in a canal that falls in the limits of Arjuni police station, Dhamtari. Sahil further told police that he concocted a story that the girl was alive only to mislead the police and the family members of the deceased girl. Kotwali Police, Crime Branch and Dhamtari police worked in coordination to solve the case.