How she found her love

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Feb 2018 14:26:54


LOVE was all she longed for. She was 18 and belonged to a conservative family where good girls don’t say no to their parents. It was a fine day when her father came and asked her to get married. All she said was if that would make him happy she would say yes. It could never have been a happy marriage. 

Just after two years of getting married she met with an accident when her car fell into the ditch. Somehow her husband managed to jump out and save himself but she sustained a lot of injuries. Her radial bone and ulna of right arm were fractured, the whole ribcage was fractured including collar bones. But the severe one was while people were dragging her out of car her spinal cord was completely damaged.

In hospital, doctors checking her and told her that though she had great inclination towards painting she won’t be able to do it again as she won’t be able to stand. She tried to be tough but what devastated her was when she was told she could never conceive because of fixations made in spinal. This made her slip into depression. And then one incident happened.

One day she asked her brothers to bring a small canvas along with the colours. The canvas and all material stood before her. She made her first painting when she was on bed where she painted her heart. People were amazed and loved her painting but none could see the grief in it. That very day she realised she would not be perfect for everybody and she decided that she would be perfect for herself, to catch every moment of her life and make it perfect. She wrote down all her fears and decided to overcome one by one.

Her biggest fear was divorce. She felt that the defect in her body may compel her husband to divorce her. Obviously, she loved her husband. She felt that it would be injustice on her husband on whom her responsibility would be forced. So she made herself strong and made her husband free. But even today she prays for his well-being.

Her second fear was that she could not become a mother. She knew there are so many babies who were abandoned by their kin for various reasons. She thought she could adopt one and become its mother. This thought illuminated her eyes and she adopted one.

Seeing her on wheelchair people thought what a merciful life hers is! Then she decided to face them. She became a model, a national TV anchor, she became national goodwill ambassador for UN women of Pakistan, she was featured in BBC’s 100 Most Inspirational Women in 2015.

When you love yourself the world recognises you. Embrace each and every breath you take, celebrate your life. The only one who could love you is you yourself. This is a true story of Muniba Mazari in her words which I have brought in front of you all just to redefine love.
Happy Valentine’s day!



Jagriti Srivastava
B Com 3rd year
St.Andrew’s College