Railways to secure tracks with ETS signals

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Feb 2018 10:19:08

By Ankita Garg

Increasing the safety of passengers travelling in several trains under Bhopal Division, the West Central Railway (WCR) is introducing Electric Traction System (ETS) signals on several tracks soon.

According to sources, this year Railway has provisioned ample budget for safety issues. With this budget, West Central Railway (WCR) is moderating the signal system. In its first phase, ETS signals would be started from Bhopal to Vidisha, Bina and Jhansi stations. These ETS signals would be automatically down as distance and time. It would help to control the accidents and causalities of train. The ETS signals would help to increase the capacity of train and also increase visibility in fog. With this ETS signals, vision will be brighter and clearer. It will also reduce the human mistake by 1 per cent and also help to maintain the time. The new signals would be also introduced on New Delhi and Itarsi route for about 400 kilometres of area. The project would cost Rs 50 crore to Railways.

“Railways is continuously working towards safety of passengers. ETS would be helpful to increase vision of the loco pilot and also secure the running train on track,” said IA Siddique, Bhopal Railway Spokesperson. He further informed that in the recent budget, Railways has focused on safety of passengers and provisioned large amount for the same. He informed that ETS signals get automatically down as per the distance, time and speed of the train. It reduce the causality chances by 10 per cent. Siddique said, electronic traction is a common means of powering a train, whether the energy required is carried on board the train in the form of a diesel engine. Electric traction is widely used particularly for routes with dense traffic or high speed lines that need electric traction to obtain speed requirement.