Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Feb 2018 11:57:42

LIKE many experts in the field S & P Global Ratings agency too seems to be fascinated by the National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS)announced by Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley in his annual budget. The global rating agency has called the scheme as the game changer. Its interest of course centres around the amount of business that may accrue to health insurance companies due to the implementation of the universal health scheme. The agency believes that the sheer coverage size and scope is enormous for the insurance and health industries. While this is the business side of the NHPS, the fact that it is going to serve nearly 40 pc population of the country, if effectively implemented, makes it world’s one of the most ambitious health plans. That shows the realisation on the part of the Government that a large section of the population is in urgent need of support in matters of health and that their healthcare needs have to be taken care of with public funding. But States have to share the enormous burden with the Centre that the scheme is likely to cast.