Yours, ‘Evident’ly…!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Feb 2018 12:11:22





By biraj dixit

‘Love sets you free’. ‘Love is the bond of perfection’. ‘Love is trembling happiness’. ‘Love is silent’. ‘Love is blind’. ‘Love sees farthest’.I have understood love more in a single day than in a lifetime of giving it. My WhatsApp is full of wisdom googled to perfection for this one day when Saint Valentine walked upon the earth and gave loving souls a chance to celebrate love. With so much affection flowing throughout the day, love is just not setting my cell phone free.

I, of course, do not mind words of wisdom, how-so-ever oft-repeated or done to death. I can gulp down enormous chunks of old and new information. Though right now I am finding myself ill-at-ease with words and phrases like ‘deep down the heart’, ‘forgetting and forgiving’ and ‘seeking nothing in return…!’. They are quoting Shakespeare, Chaucer, Kabir, Gibran, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa to explain love. Wise words indeed! All reflecting upon the deeper planes of love and life and their ‘selfless’ bonhomie and never once speak of shallow, superficial things like dinners and gifts!

With all their wisdom, they do not know that there are people in the world (like my husband) who are quick to jump into the convenient spaces of deep love so that they never come to the inconvenient shallow surface. They carry love deep down in their heart and never let it rise to any superficial surfaces even when the nearest hoarding screams ‘unbelievable Valentine Day discounts’.
Gifts, dinners, cards, roses are all for the recently-initiated, they feel. For the ‘long-hauled’, love is that sublime feeling which carries you from one day of drudgery to another of routine.

As I recall my ‘recently-initiated’ days, my heart bleeds at the indifference of the deeper variety of love. Saint Valentine seems to have forgotten to bless me this year too.No, he sure has filled my heart with enormous amount of love and I am in love with entire humanity (starting from myself). But I am a firm believer of hard evidence and of late I have come up with this theory that celebrations of Saint Valentine’s Day were started only so that love deep down can rise from its surreal depths to some real surface providing some ‘shining’ evidence.

I know, I know speaking of love and diamonds in the same sentence can be easily misconstrued as pretty money-minded, but letting love linger in the depths of heart is agonisingly philosophical and as my dear friends puts it ‘absolutely uncharacteristic for a woman of substance.’
After all it is duty of the womankind to let the world know all about aesthetics, grace and beauty. To make men realise that gold is not merely a metal and diamonds far from being mere stones; that roses - mere flowers - can go a long way in soothing tempers; that cards how-so-ever verbose, hyperbolic and overstated can bring smiles; and that gifts – all pieces from the material word - can actually satiate the soul!

A woman of substance – in order to uphold her own pride and to uplift those around her to class and elegance, must be gifted well. That is how she knows she is loved well. Evidence matters.Alas! To the other side of the spectrum we have love that is almost Divine in so much as it is plain invisible. All you know is that you must have faith. It is amazing how men, when recently-initiated into the superfine feeling of love, bestow gifts as if listening to some call coming from within their heart.

The same men, after some good years, dive deeper into the emotion of love and churn out a remarkable philosophy of ‘no gifts’! The call now comes from their profound reasoning of absurd material world and all its gimmicks. Amazing swift change of heart, won’t you say! Or is it politics of convenience? We, women, must not allow the spirit of Valentine’s to be so dishonoured. We must insist that to uphold the spirit of love, there be rules and they be followed. There must be a rule that men -- committed or wedded to the commitment – must produce and keep producing evidence of their commitment. No Valentine’s Day should be allowed to pass without fanfare.

Seeking evidence should, by no means, be considered lack of trust. It is just a way to multiply faith. Love in heart, a shiny little solitaire on her fingers, a pretty bunch of roses in hand, a sweet little card cooing wonderful nothings kept on the dinner table that she has not set – this is how every woman’s Valentine Day must be.

O, Saint Valentine, on your great Day, let the world understand the true meaning of celebrations. Oh! please, let the love that lies in the unfathomably divine depths of a certain heart rise and march up to the gift shop. Please, bless me with true love and a trinket to prove it.
Amen! l