‘Edits are the biggest enemy of any show’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Feb 2018 10:57:47


By Aasawari Shenolikar,

That television was the domain of the saas bahu did not, for even a moment, faze Ravi Dubey, who when he stepped into the entertainment industry, did so with one thought in mind - that he will not be a mere prop in the industry where females ruled the roost. He wanted to play a male character with substance. And he definitely was not ready to reconsider his decision at a time when the presence of male characters in each and every serial was relegated to being just a showpiece in the frame. His steadfast belief in his own self paid off.

And today, after a stupendous run of Jamai Raja, where Ravi played the protagonist, he is known as the Amitabh Bachchan of Zee TV. The credit of the mind-boggling rise in TRP’s of the channel can be laid at Ravi Dubey’s doorstep. It is this confidence in his own self that is now taking this talented actor places. After hugely successful stints in serials and later as a contestant in reality show, Ravi Dubey finds himself doing something that he is immensely enjoying. “I am thrilled to be a part of the country’s first ‘Live’ non-fiction show,” says Ravi, while interacting with The Hitavada. He is hosting the second season of Rising Star, a reality television singing competition that is currently being aired on Colors.

The affable and articulate good looking actor lists three reasons for being proudly associated with the show. “Firstly, this is the first and the only ‘live’ singing competition show in the country. Because of the nature of the show, I have to be constantly on my toes - improvising all the time and keeping a tight vigil on what is going on the stage so that I do not miss out on anything important. This is a true test of my anchoring ability,” he says.

Second reason that he lists out is the presence of Diljeet Dosanjh, Shankar Mahadevan and Monali Thakur as the judges, all of whom bring a lot of fairness on the show and are all the time motivating the contestants.

“And thirdly, the talent that I see on the stage is outstanding. I can vouch for it for I am not just a host, but I am also an audience. The talent has come from remote corners of the nation and also from far across the borders,” he states, and in the same breath talks of a 60 year old contestant who had dropped in to deliver a letter and ended up being on the show.

Rising Star gives shape to dreams by breaking down all barriers and walls. “That is the reason, the tag line reads Uthao Soch Ki Deewar - the show breaks preconceived notions and traditions and focuses on the talent alone.

Commenting on why this singing show is different from the scores of other singing shows on different channels, Ravi says, “the difference lies in it being ‘live.’ It is ‘live’ in the true sense - not even deferred - it’s like watching a cricket match. What is happening on the stage, is what the audience get to see. There are no retakes, there is no editing, no fine tuning of voices or cutting out something that is not in sync with the format,” he says, and cites an example of how when Maneish Paul was a guest, he tripped and the mike fell. “There is no space to edit anything, it’s organic, very fluid, the audience witnessed it and that is the beauty of Rising Star,” he says. “This is a sacha show, about real stories, real emotions in real time,” he adds. Editing, he feels, is the biggest enemy in shows whose premise is based on ‘competitiveness.’ The audience needs to see the true talent and that is what Rising Star is showing them.

Ravi Dubey, while analysing his role as an actor and as an anchor finds nothing different in the two roles. That’s because he takes each role to be a challenge. “I look at everything that comes my way as something that is very exciting.” And after being a part of Rising Star, he is definite about one thing - that he would not like to be a part staged shows.

“I hope Rising Star will break the barrier of staged non-fiction shows and I hope this is the start of a revolution as far as TV is concerned.”
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