numero uno

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Feb 2018 11:29:57

COMEBACKS are mostly associated with a certain romance that finds a new bloom after an inexplicable hiatus. Comebacks rekindle a flame, revive a muffled sentiment and reinvigorate a passionate, happy vision towards life. Roger Federer is living that moment. He has started his love affair with tennis all over again. He is on top of the world, yet again. It is yesterday, once more!After a grand return as Grand Slam champion in the last year when he took the Australian Open and Wimbledon titles, Federer has kept the fairytale going by defending the season-opening Australian Open title last month. The awe-inspiring story has now got the proverbial icing with the Swiss master becoming the oldest ATP World Number 1 during the World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam. This is another record to the legend’s kitty at the age of 36. Andre Agassi was the previous oldest number one player when he reached the peak in 2003 at the age of 33.

Federer’s rise to the numero uno position is an incredible feat given the slump he faced a few years ago. He was fading and critics had already started writing his obituary. When his career was going nowhere Federer was plagued with injuries too, making it certain that the FedEx era had come to a premature end. The way he has silenced by the doomsayers makes Roger Federer the GOAT (Greatest Of All Times).

By reclaiming the number one spot after five years, Federer has served a terse message to the pretenders who were dreaming of taking his crown. An ageless, seasoned warrior always carries enough tricks up his sleeve to outsmart even an army of youngsters. The last 14 months have proved what mettle Federer is made of. He first became World No. 1 in 2004 and after 14 years, after countless games, sets and matches Federer is again sitting on the top perch.

This development gives a surreal feel to the champion but it is not without his amazing passion and drive to beat the ageing muscles that Federer could regain the top position. Growing years force a player to double the workload. The energy levels and fitness standards need a different approach to keep at par with the young competitors in the field. Federer has managed to keep everything in right proportion and wrestled back his deserving position in world tennis.

While one must doff the hat for Federer’s undiluted passion to be among the best, the latest achievement also serves another reminder to the new crop on tennis circuit. It is time for the promising talent to take a leaf out of Federer’s book and redraw their strategies to beat the master, the numero uno.