Chasing novelty

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Feb 2018 10:11:15


By Subhash K Jha,

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who has turned 32, says he wants to pursue his quest of new and great experiences without harbouring a fear of failure.
What does turning 32 mean to you?
That I should live in the present and make the best of the opportunities that come and not worry about what I would be doing when I turn 33.

You are in Chambal. How is the shooting progressing?
Shooting for Abhishek Chaubey’s film is on full swing. I came here in Chambal early to do a bit of warm up for the film. Visiting ravines, talking to locals, working on dialect and inflection and a bit of cut-off from everything before the shoot helps keep the right things in perspective.
Please tell which are the projects you actually have on you plate?

At this point of time, films that I’m allowed to discuss are Tarun Mansukhani’s Drive, releasing on Holi, Kedarnath, Abhishek Chaubey’s next that presently I’m shooting for, Karan Johar-produced remake of Fault In Our Stars and Chanda Mama Door Ke.

So Chauhan’s astronaut film is not shelved?
A. Not at all. I really like acting irrespective of the medium and if presently I’m able to choose projects that I want to be a part of then there are no complaints whatsoever. I’m really very excited and want to give everything I have to all these wonderful films that I’m part of.
You seem to pick the unexpected roles. Is “Drive” going to be your first full on masala film?

A. I really don’t have an understanding of what commercial or masala films are and I hardly think from someone else’s perspective of what films I should select. I want to have new and hence great experiences, so these films that I’m doing are not deliberate attempts to pick unexpected projects but most logical decisions from my point of view.

What should we, your watchers, expect from you in the coming year?
More number of films and I would without the fear of failing, choose films and perform in a way where you would be pleasantly surprised and entertained.