Smoke from Bhanpur dumping site engulfs large area of old city

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Feb 2018 10:34:45

Staff Reporter

Plumes of toxic smoke billowing out from smoldering landfill site of Bhanpur worsened situation during morning hours of Thursday as thick smoke engulfed the nearby areas, including education institutes. Smoke caused breathing problem to local people for hours. Some schools even closed their classes due to smoke. People’s Medical College students write exams by wearing masks and patients admitted in nearby hospitals have a torrid time in handling the situation.

Aishwarya, who is second year student of MBBS at People’s Medical College, told that when she reached college for pre-university exam, she was shocked to see that entire campus was covered with smoke. Some of the students were having breathing problem.

“I and other students have given exam by wearing mask as smoke was causing huge problem. Students kept masks on their face for entire three hours of exam,” she said. She added that she is also equally worried for the people who live near Bhanpur landfill site and it is unimaginable for her that how they are living amid the smoke as it is dangerous. Smoke is coming out from garbage containing toxic wastes such as plastic, disposable waste of hospitals and such on.

More worrisome is the scene that poor children play at landfill site and they are susceptible to catch dangerous infections. Dr R C Agrawal of People’s Hospital told ‘The Hitavada’ that smoke billowing out from Bhanpur landfill site entered into the wards of hospital. “Patients were the worst sufferers and they developed breathing problems. We provided masks to patients. The situation of asthma patients was really bad.

Even the doctors attending patients at OPD sported masks. Smoke remained inside hospital till noon,” he said. There is also report that some people reported to giddiness and vomiting and also suffered from burning sensation in eyes. “When I reached People’s College of Dental Science, it was smoke all around. Even the road was not visible properly due to thick cover of smoke. Some of my friends have even vomited and have burning sensation in eyes. Inside class, teachers tried to teach by keeping hanker chief on face but they were unable to do so due to smoke and later classes were cancelled for entire day,” told first year student of People’s College of Dental Science, Salman Khan.

Dr Sajjad Azhar, Deputy Registrar People’s University, Bhopal, told that he was unable to breathe and had experienced burning eye sensation as well.
Dr Anoop Pathak, Admin Officer of People’s Medical College & RC, informed that the students appearing in exam were feeling breathless and were coughing. Thereafter, masks were arranged immediately for them for safety purpose.
Vehicle riders also faced torrid time as smoke reduced visibility adversely. On the contrary, smoke was choking their breath.

As the smoke was causing huge problem to small school children hence People’s Public School was closed for the entire day. In the meantime, Lakecity Sarvjanik Kalyan avam Vikas Samiti have protested against Bhanpur dumping site and demanded its closure. They demanded prohibition of dumping waste at this landfill site that has been causing for local people from over the years. They also demanded that there should be ban on setting fire at landfill site as fire gives birth to poisonous smoke.