‘Authentic take on Tomb Raider’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Feb 2018 10:28:49


MGM and Warner Bros. have tapped Norwegian director Roar Uthaug to helm their Tomb Raider reboot.Uthaug directed the Norwegian disaster drama The Wave, which was submitted for a foreign film Oscar. Excerpts:
What was your overall vision for the film and character of Lara Croft?

We’re doing a gritty and authentic take on Tomb Raider and creating a Lara who’s a badass but is also vulnerable and imperfect. That makes her very relatable. As a gamer and fan of the Tomb Raider game, I really enjoyed directing the film, and it was a real pleasure working with Alicia Vikander. At the same time, I’m humbled by the responsibility of creating a new version of such an iconic character.
What qualities does Alicia bring to reinvention of the character?

Alicia is special and dedicated to her craft. She worked incredibly hard on all her physical training and preparation with the stunt team. As an actress Alicia has such a presence and authenticity, which give her scenes a grounded feeling and an emotional connection that we’re not used to experiencing in a movie like this. Of course, we have the big scope and scale and action you’d expect, but there’s an engaging character – Alicia’s Lara – at the film’s core.

How was it balancing the character work and scale of production?
The spectacle doesn’t work if you don’t care about the character. So, first you must create a character that the audience will root for. When you have that, the audience becomes engaged. They can really experience everything that’s happening to that character.
Where is Lara when we meet her in the film?

When we meet Lara, she’s a bike courier in East London, trying to make ends meet. Her father, Richard, had disappeared seven years earlier, which has taken an emotional toll on Lara. She’s been pushing that part of her life away, not wanting to be a part of the Croft legacy because that would mean accepting that he’s gone. What does Dominic West bring to movie along with Daniel Wu and Walton Goggins?

Dominic brings a warmth to the character, who is torn between what he feels he must do and his daughter. Dominic portrays that in a very emotional, charming way.
Daniel created this strong but down-and-out Hong Kong fisherman who captains a rusty boat. When we meet Lu Ren, he seems kind of carefree, but after we get to know him, we find out that there’s a lot more to him.

Walton is fun and energetic and brings the set alive. He has a great presence in front of the camera, and it makes for a dangerous villain. We discussed creating this villain that’s not a traditional bad guy with a scheme to destroy the world. Mathias is a man on a mission and he is the hero of his own story.
Tomb Raider releases in India on March 9.