Journey full of adventures

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Feb 2018 10:22:16


A journey full of countless adventures in a single slot;

some are sweet, while some are not.
Some give grief, a few relief;
but don’t get tensed, because that’s life.

And that’s how everything’s got to work;
Because there’s no thrill without some jerks.
Loads of teasers it offers to our brains;
Expecting us back being champions again.

People arrive and people depart;
Some shake our minds, some touch hearts.
But here’s a fact that mesmerises me often;
“Life’s itself a poem with a dozen of puns.”

But it’s not so cruel if we see;
It gives us loads of chances to glee.
So grab those chances within a jiffy;
And those will be yours, forever free


Vaishnavi Vijayrao Bhoyar