My journey of becoming a writer

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Feb 2018 10:26:00


AFTER completing my last article, “The train of life” I was thinking about what should be my next write-up. Although, my heart knew that I had to write something.

Suddenly, I got the subject when my friend and I were chatting the other night and she asked, “Yaar aapko itne achche ideas aur words kaha se aate hai, mein toh apne zindagi me kabhi nahi likh paungi (Where do you get such wonderful ideas. I would never be able to write in my lifetime).” Her question prompted me to share my journey of being a writer in the next article.

Two years ago I could not write a single line, nor had I read any book. But I had a habit of reading poems penned by my friends. I used to ask same question to myself what my friend asked me that night: How can people write so well?
I still remember the day I had a conversation with my friend whom I asked how to write poems? I never thought that writing could be so emotionally drenching make me feel so special.

Daily I started writing two lines. This continued for nearly 4 to 5 months and slowly I started expanding those two lines into a paragraph. This exercise continued for many days and then I realised that those lines had taken form of a poem. This excited me. All I needed was a little motivation to become a good writer. But rather than motivating me for my writings, people laughed at me saying “You write like kids.”

Our mind is like software. It will act the way you programme the mind. Ultimately for some more days, I could not write anything. Because the thought stuck deep into my mind that I could not write well.
D Thomas has rightly said, “The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it.” It was so true in my case.

Someone entered my life just like the best poem and her motivation positivity helped me a lot to keep going through the worst situations of life.

I again started writing poems and short stories. Somewhere inside I knew that the poems were not so good but she was the one who used to make me realise as if it was the most beautiful poem she had ever read in her life. She always keeps on saying, “Komal, beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

Some of my friends used to ask me why don’t I start writing in English. I was struggling to write in English. At that time I used to tell them that feelings are better expressed in Hindi. But this was not the fact; even this fear was overcome because of her motivation.

Being a writer helped me a lot to change as a person. Rather than shouting or expressing my anger and blaming people for their mistakes, I used to write my feelings, anger, happiness, sadness, on a piece of paper which became poetry.

I have experienced that words are not always needed to express what a person is going through; we can read their pain by just looking into their eyes. Be a good listener because it feels good to be there for someone. I have got someone on whom I just pour everything. I have got a true friend for life who never judges me for being myself.

I have experienced that belief makes you a wonderful writer. So believe in yourself, have faith, things do change with time. I was and will always be thankful to every person in this journey who knowingly and unknowingly helped me to be a writer.

Komal Sawalakhe
Final year- G.H Raisoni College of Engineering.