wrong advice

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Feb 2018 10:07:50











MR. DONALD Trump’s proposal of arming teachers with guns to prevent school massacres is factious. The American President is well aware that the idea suggested by him is controversial, but he is known for putting a foot in the mouth every time he comes up with a suggestion to a problem. School massacres, of late, have become a routine feature. After every gory incident that results in a bloody carnage, the administration raises its head, but a consensus as to how to prevent such incidents has not been reached. Parents have been crying hoarse over implementing a legislation on reforming gun control. Guns are freely and readily available in the country and in the hands of children, they are proving to be deadly weapons. Laws pertaining to gun control need to be passed and not advice that teachers with guns can prevent assaults.A teacher’s job is to teach, not to carry guns in
classrooms. Mr. Trump needs to think twice before making such irrational statements and work towards making policy changes to prevent such incidents.



THE growing dependence on on-line transactions and big influx of new users, especially from nations that face cybersecurity problems is providing a safe haven for cybercriminals, who are adopting new technologies to ease the process of engaging in cybercrimes. The figures released in cybersecurity firm McAfee’s report on cybersecurity tell a disturbing story. Cybercrimes have cost businesses damages close to $600 billion all over the globe. Cybercriminals are finding ransomware as a handy tool to attack millions of systems across. Add to that the anonymous world of cryptocurrencies and the criminal economy transforms dramatically endangering financial institutions, banks, intellectual properties and also national security. Cybercrimes losses are bigger in richer countries but the top losers are mid-tier nations that are digitised but lack proper cybersecurity. Experts have warned of the situation further worsening thus giving sleepless nights to the cyber security firms. It is challenge that demands an immediate solution.