Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Feb 2018 12:05:15


Poonam Menaria

Q1: I am a Commerce student and I scored above 80% in my 12th examination. And currently I am in my BBA 1st year. But I am totally confused of what I should be doing along with BBA. As I really want to work hard and do something challenging. So please advise me regarding this. --Hetal

Dear Hetal, I like and appreciate your approach of utilising your time in a constructive way and giving a thought in direction of doing something meaningful with your skill set and time which I am sensing through your query and additionally you have good percentage in your academics too. Well, firstly it depends on your area of interest, your skill strengths, aptitude and your readiness to explore the areas that may compliment your future aim, aspiration and long / short term goals. If your plan to earn an MBA degree after your BBA then may be doing some internship/training will really benefit to understand various functions/domain of any industry/firm whether small/medium/large. This will help you understand yourself better and give you practical exposure to various aspects of real life experiential industry training/learning. Other approach can be adding value/credentials to your resume by enhancing your skills by learning something new in area of your interest or complimentary to your future goal Viz. some computer course, foreign language courses, designing courses, soft skills/Individual enhancement training/ workshop etc which is chosen keeping in mind where you plan to be in the next five years in terms of career. Gauge everything well for yourself keeping all aspects in mind right from your study/academic dedication, learning likes/dislikes, your parents readiness for your constructive utilization of time/resources with their input on how to go about it, your aptitude, balancing study and skill enhancement and above all, it should be value addition to what you want to do now and in alignment with your future prospects and career. Hope it helps. Best Wishes.

Q2: Dear Mam , I am currently studying in 12th standard. I am confused in selecting my field of education for higher studies. --Nidhi

Dear Nidhi, it is a natural part to be in a state of confusion at this crossroad of deciding on future course of action in the area of career path. I would suggest it will be great to take out time and spend doing self analysis and reflection on what interests you, your likes and dislikes in the area of studies, co-curricular activities and day to day life aspects too. Its good time now to think about your aspirations, motivation and even a vague idea of your aim or what you wish to do in future. It’s OK even if the answers that come out are vague and are only clue to your movement in future road ahead. I would advice, to meet a professional counselor or seek help from school counselor or elders in family in terms of career direction setting, working on aptitude assessment, interest profiling and working on other aspects of personality and goals to have a clarity that helps you in making a decision of higher studies. Best wishes