A Khichdi mismatch

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Feb 2018 11:27:37

IT WAS time for celestial conference again. The participants included representatives of all living beings and elements. The conference was chaired by the Tridevs, Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer. The participants were enthusiastic throughout their attendance. They requested the Tridevs for a common lunch on the last day of the conference. Seeing their enthusiasm the Tridevs consented to their request. An urgent meeting was held by the participants to arrange the lunch programme for around two hundred participants including the divine trinity. 

Representatives from all sections were appointed with humans having the most considering their strength. The representatives soon had hectic deliberations and it was decided to prepare ‘Khichdi’ for lunch. The representatives started arguing with each other on the contributions. All wanted to contribute more so as to please the divine Gods. The sheer numbers combined with their manipulative techniques gave the human representatives the upper hand.

They opted to supply rice and lentils for the ‘khichdi’ with the hope that their contribution would look bigger to the divine trinity. The others representing the plants, animals, insects and other elements took their turns in deciding their contributions by way of other ingredients required for making the ‘Khichdi’.

The last day dawned. Preparations were going on in full swing. The aroma of ‘Khichdi’ was soon wafting through the atmosphere. At that juncture an unexpected event unfolded. About a hundred Ganas, attendants of Lord Shiva, descended on the venue without any prior intimation. The organisers were in a quandary and huddled together for a solution. But here too, the representatives of the humans bullied all saying they will add the extra rice and lentils required and only that was needed. The others argued vehemently that ‘Khichdi’ for hundred persons could be cooked separately with all ingredients for proper balance but could not hold for long and ultimately agreed.
The ‘Khichdi’ was served to the Tridevs and the guests. But alas! The ‘Khichdi’ was found to be cooked in parts only and was tasteless.

The Tridevs took a morsel each and left it at that. All other guests also could not have the meal and were grumbling. Some complained to the Tridevs who turned towards the representatives who stood with their heads hung low.
After a few moments of silence Brahma said, “the whole creation was done with perfect balance. Everything is supposed to move in synchronisation with each other. The perfect balance of all the ingredients with timing brought out a sweet aroma in the ‘Khichdi’ which was spoiled by adding extra rice and lentils only.

Anything in excess creates imbalance. Just like they disturbed the ‘Khichdi’ humans are exceeding in numbers and are tampering with balance of creation for their selfish gains.” Lord Vishnu added, “This balance is preserved by me and I try to correct imbalances with warnings like a tremor, cyclone etc.” Lord Shiva thundered “When it becomes unbearable I step in and destroy.

” Saying so he touched the khichdi vessel with his trident, in a moment it turned to ashes. Tremors were felt on earth. A rogue nation claimed to have tested another nuclear device. Other nations raised objections and vowed to retaliate.