Elderly, kids of Bhanpura suffer most from landfill site smoke

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Feb 2018 11:00:28


By Deepak Tyagi,

With smoke still continues billowing out from hundreds of tonnes of untreated garbage at smoldering Bhanpur landfill site in Chhola Mandir area of the State capital till Friday, the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) itself seems to be making mockery of its cleanliness drive under process in city to make Bhopal as number one clean city in country in the survey of 2018.

The smoke from the fire not only lowers the visibility in the nearby rural and urban areas, but it also releases large quantity of pollutants, including gases into the air including oxides of Sulphar and Nitrogen, Biaxin, Furan, Alkyl halides which can cause cancer. The particulate matter is getting deposited on the vehicles and residential areas in the vicinity of the landfill site, affecting normal life in the area.
When ‘The Hitavada’ reporter visited Bhanpur site, the visibility was poor because of smoke still kept on billowing from the smouldering hillocks of garbage at the now-closed landfill site, which is spread to over 47 acres.

Incharge Assistant Officer Iftekhar Khan, who was present at the spot, said that fire tenders from all our ten fire stations are still working to control the fire and now help of poclain machines are being taken to turn upside down piles of garbage from which smoke is still coming out adding that 80% of fire has been controlled and remaining 20% would be completed in couple of days.

As the smoke billowing out from piles of garbage at landfill site which pollutes the atmosphere and harms the residents living nearby and spreads foul smell in the whole area. The residents in the nearby localities are annoyed with the large-scale fire and smoke, which they claim has made their lives miserable in past one few days.

One of the local shopkeepers of nearby Bhanpura village Shivanarayan Sharma said, “Their children had literally bloodshot eyes and were coughing due to the smoke spread in the area. It was a regular feature here witnessed in these past five days. As the smoke clouds mostly witnessed in the morning hours therefore school teachers of our children also asked us not to send their kids to school till the fire is completely under control.”

Another local Shashi Bai Gangele (55) said, “After the fire incident at nearby landfill site said that as of now it is very difficult for us to carry on our day to day activities. Our elderly peoples are most to suffer among others and they had problem in breathing normally even inside the house.” BMC’s Additional Commissioner (Health) M P Singh said that as of now it has been clear that the fire incident at Bhanpur Khanti was intentional therefore taking a lesson from this incident now we had asked Gujarat based Saurashtra Enviro Projects Private Limited that has been given responsibility of scientific closure of landfill site to ensure proper security arrangements here. “Security guards would be deployed by the company and CCTV cameras at prominent places would be also installed in future for proper monitoring”, he added.