Remarkable role of Indian Army in UN Peacekeeping operations

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Feb 2018 10:42:31


By Ashish Rajput,

Indian Army has an unmatchable experience of UN PKOs and playing key role in several sensitive peacekeeping operations to bring world peace

Materialising the Indian belief of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (The world is one family) Indian Army emerged as major contributor in world peace under United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (UN PKOs) around the globe. Indian peacekeepers spread the message of peace in around 50 of the 71 UN Peacekeeping Missions in the world.

Indian Army has trained its 2 lakhs soldiers for UN PKOs since last six decades and amongst top 10 Troops Contributor Countries (TCCs) that is 7.5 per cent of the overall troops in UN PKOs from 203 countries. India is also accredited around the globe for deployment of first ever women’s police unit for peacekeeping mission in Liberia one year back.

Another proud for the country in UN PKOs is that there are more than 50 cases of alleged sexual harassment and abuse have been registered against UN Peacekeepers in last one year but not a single case was registered against Indian peacekeepers. Two of the Indian soldiers named Rifleman Brijesh Thapa and Sepoy Ravi Kumar laid down their lives amongst 115 peacekeepers in last one year. Lieutenant General Sanjeev Kanal, AVSM, General Officer Commanding, Madhya Bharat Area, recently stated that India has largest contributor in UN PKOs since year 1945 and successfully completed several operations.

Along with providing contingents, Indian Army provided observers and staff officers as peacekeepers. Several Generals of Indian Army shouldered the responsibility as Commanders of UN Peacekeeping Force. Indian Army has an unmatchable experience of UN PKOs and playing key role in several sensitive peacekeeping operations to bring world peace.

Indian Army is training an average number of 400 officers every year for peacekeeping operations including officers from around 80 other countries. India is founder member of UN PKOs in year 1945 and started operations since 1950.