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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Feb 2018 09:52:24


Actress Supriya Pilgaonkar says she is honoured to do a cameo appearance in Mere Sai. Supriya will portray the role of Suhasini, a troubled mother who finds solace through a chance encounter with Sai Baba that changes her life forever. 

What was the reason for opting to play the role of Suhasini in Mere Sai?
The show Mere Sai is benevolent and personifies the life journey of Sai in a beautiful way. The reasons of me doing this show are very simple. I wanted to be a part of the beautiful story and, also, I was drawn to it because of a lesser known fact of my maternal grandmother being blessed by Sai Baba himself. This is a very old incident that happened way back in 1913-14 which further influenced my decision of joining the show. The show has noble and thoughtful messaging that preaches compassion and kindness for all. I have been regularly watching it from the first episode and the philosophy and persona of the characters appealed to me which further gave me a boost to be a part of it.

My onscreen persona of Suhasini is an atheist who will undergo a transformation after meeting Sai and this change is of utmost importance as Sai himself will teach her the real meaning of devotion.
You, yourself are a follower of Sai Baba’s teachings. Can you elaborate on your connection with Sai Baba and how his teachings have transformed your life?

As I mentioned earlier, my maternal grandmother was blessed by Sai himself which fostered a sense of belief among all family members. Also, I strongly believe that she was truly blessed and my grandmother’s entire lineage has received the grace and blessings of Sai through her as a medium. Merely after watching a show on Sai’s life, I will never say that I am his devotee. My guru’s teachings are the same as Sai Baba’s as all the holy saints guide their followers on the common path towards peace and enlightenment. I felt as if my Guru is reaching out to me through Sai as a medium which established a strong connection of me with the show.

Any special preparations that you underwent for this role?
Honestly there was no time to prepare anything. In fact, I had to prepare myself in a totally different way because I have been watching the show and following Sai. And the moment Sai comes in front of me I had to scold him and show aggression which called for a lot of preparation. I truly revere Sai from the bottom of my heart and to behave this way with an actor who is portraying his avatar was a big challenge for me.

You have worked in multiple shows. How is this role different from your earlier on-screen roles?
Yes, this show is completely different from my earlier stints. It’s like a period drama in many ways. I feel refreshed and inspired to be a part of such a devotional show, the feeling is truly ecstatic. Shooting on the sets of Mere Sai where they have recreated Shirdi from its earlier days also brings in a lot of positivity. Also, the show presents good messaging through its narrative which also offers life lessons to all viewers. It’s not confined to only provide entertainment to viewers. I always ensure that any project that I undertake also offers a message to audiences which would assist in self-improvement for them and myself as well.
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