Do study only? Do not bother about obstacles, Govt will bear cost of edn: CM

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Feb 2018 11:44:50

Staff Reporter,

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan replied queries of students after ‘Prerna Samvad’ at local Model School here and cleared their doubts. The students asked questions regarding setting goal, time management, deciding time schedule for study, security of students in school, measures for removing stress because of scoring good marks. The Chief Minister replied queries as a teacher, a parent and a maternal uncle of students and cleared their doubts.

Ankit Patel, a class 11 student of Subhash Excellent Higher Secondary School asked whether he had set a goal to become Chief Minister. On that, the Chief Minister discussed his struggle in farming and for increasing wage of labourers during his childhood. He said that toleration of injustice in any form is not right. He said that commitment and devotion for any work is necessary and both are very essential.

Deepanshi Pandey, a student of class 12 of Commerce Faculty of DAV Higher Secondary School TT Nagar, put query regarding security of students especially of girls. The Chief Minister told her that all measures related with security of students have been strengthened. CCTV cameras are being installed at entry gates in hostels. Police patrolling has been intensified on the way of hostels. He mentioned the law passed for capital punishment to accused in rape case. He said that society also needs to launch drive for inculcating ethics. This will create healthy environment for security.

A student of class XI of Subhash Excellence School Anand Lodhi asked the Chief Minister, why he does not feel stress despite working a lot in a day. The Chief Minister referred Shloka of the Geeta and said that we only have right on ‘Karma’ and not on result. That’s why focus should be on the work, instead of result and the same principle should be adopted, there will be no stress. Class X student Puja Kanas said that every school should have sports facility and playground. Endorsing her views, the chief minister said that participating in sports is very necessary with study. All sports facilities will be provided in government schools. To keep mind healthy, it is important to stay connected with sports.

Ritish Vishwakarma of Model Higher Secondary School put a question before the Chief Minister about how parents should react in case of student not getting good marks. On this, the Chief Minister appealed all parents not to give any kind of stress to children. He told the students that parents scold their children only because of love so that they can be conscious and alert. He told the students that they should make efforts for better performance, they will get good marks.

Priyanka, 11th student of Vidya Vihar Higher Secondary School, requested the Chief Minister that intake in IIT should be increased so that more and more students can get admissions in engineering. The Chief Minister said that efforts will be made in this direction. Class XI student of Subhash Higher Secondary School of Excellence, Shivalal Mandaloi sought that what improvements are being made to include practical education in education system. The Chief Minister said that education has three main objectives - give education, impart skill and inculcate Sanksara for becoming good citizen. He said that in present education system, we are imparting knowledge. Focus has been made on enhancing skills. Developed by Rs. 600 crore in Bhopal, Global Skill Institute will start its functioning from July. Besides, excellent industrial training institutes are being opened. Efforts are underway to make value based education. Career counseling has been arranged in schools-colleges.

Monica Yadav, a 12th student of DAV Higher Secondary
School, sought that the government has made measures for security in schools but what measures are being made for security surrounding coaching institutes. The Chief Minister said that CCTV cameras will be installed on the ways of coaching centres and police patrolling will be increased. Apart from this, special directives have been issued to dial 100 vehicles in this regard. Ankit, a student of 9th grade of May Flower School, asked that what efforts are being made for imparting practical knowledge. The Chief Minister said that change in teaching methods is under consideration along with reforms in education system. Class XII student of Model Higher Secondary School, Gunjan

Baghel questioned regarding time management and said being a Chief Minister, how he manage his time. The Chief Minister informed in detail about his daily schedule from 5.30 am to 11.30 pm and working system. He gave detail of activities like morning walk, yoga and pranayam exercise, preparatory meeting for administrative works, discussion with administrative officers and public representatives, meeting with people, delegations, different organisations, perform government work. He informed that how he get necessary information about level of good governance, new development programmes and schemes from common people during districts tours. He informed the students that how he take time off for the family being a parent and a Chief Minister Chouhan and make balance between public and personal life.