Nagpur Police feel the pinch of shortage, unequal staffing pattern in State units

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Feb 2018 08:38:08



By Dheeraj Fartode

Nagpur Police have highest workload in Mah Police

Skewed ratio adopted during distribution of manpower among the police units of State has resulted into intensive work load for officers working in Nagpur Police Commissionerate. Investigation Officers (IOs) of Nagpur Police are working under tremendous pressure as work load at police stations in Nagpur is four times than their Mumbai Police counterparts and three times more than Pune police. The information came to fore in the report of Crime in Maharashtra 2016.

According to the report, work load (number of cases) per IO in year 2016 was 9.07 cases in Nagpur Police Commissionerate which was almost double that of State's average of 4.24 cases per IO. Amravati Commissionerate ranks second with 4.98 cases per IO, followed by Aurangabad (A'bad) with 4.73 cases per IO, Pune with 3.16 cases per IO and Mumbai with just 2.49 cases per IO. It means officers of Nagpur Police are investigating four times more cases than their counterparts in Mumbai Police Commissionerate.



Work load per IO is related to number of available strength of officers in the police unit. In year 2016, 11,711 cases IPC cases were registered in Nagpur Commissionerate. Sanctioned strength of the Commissionerate was 646 while actual strength of officers was 551 with 14.70 % vacancies which was highest in the State. In Amravati Commissionerate, total 4,010 IPC cases were registered and available manpower of IOs was 144 out of sanctioned strength of 149 officers. Aurangabad Commissionerate registered 8,103 cases in year 2016. The Police Commissionerate had manpower of 192 officers against sanctioned strength of 214. 

Pune Commissionerate registered 16,296 cases in 2016 and sanctioned and available strength of the unit was 916 and 918 respectively. Mumbai police had registered maximum IPC cases in the state - 39,617 and available manpower of officers was 5,088 against sanctioned strength of 5,322.If compared the figures of manpower of these police units, it came to fore than number officers are more at Pune and Mumbai i.e. 5.62 % and 13.43 % as compared to total crime. However, two major cities of Vidarbha - Nagpur and Amravati - having just 5.51% and 3.71% officers as compared total registration of IPC cases in their units.

A former police officer said that you cannot expect quality investigation from the police officers if they are working under such tremendous pressure. If work load at Nagpur is at such alarming level then the top bosses of state police need to immediately pull up socks so that citizens would get quality services from the police department. The officer also pointed out that work load was one of the reason behind arrogant behaviour of police officers at police stations of city. It also affects health of the officer and its going to reflect in day to day working as how long can they put in with the mental stress. However, there was no data available to check the impact of work-pressure on health of police officers.



Three new Police Stations will ease pressure, says CP

Commissioner of Police (CP) Dr. K. Venkatesham commented that Nagpur city is going to have three new police stations which would improve the working of Nagpur Police Commissionerate. Now that Besa-Beltarodi is inaugurated and two more- Pardi and Wathoda - in offing, one good thing that will happen is compacting of geographic area where work pressure on the field staff would ease. These will provide additional investigating officers to Nagpur city and ease work load on the force. He further informed that efforts are being made to fill up vacancies of the sanctioned posts. N-COPS excellence centre will continuously enhance capabilities of available investigating officers, and further claimed that quality of investigation is not compromised. Chief of State CID, Sanjay Kumar said that 9.07 work load per IO is not a big work load, given that multitasking is an in-thing which is fully utilised can contribute to individual excellence.