Ajay Singh meets CM, demands CBI probe into MLA Katare’s case

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Feb 2018 10:26:55

Staff Reporter

Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh met Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan over the issue of MLA Hemant Katare. Ajay Singh also wrote letter to Assembly Speaker, saying that fake cases have been registered against Katare and Katare’s right as MLA should be protected.

Ajay Singh, accompanied by senior Congress MLA Arif Aqueel and Neelanshu Chaturvedi, met CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan and handed over a letter to him, requesting to order CBI probe into the Hemant Katare case. Singh also said, if Government wishes, then it can get the matter probed by any retired High Court judge.

Raising fingers over the manner case of rape and abduction was registered against Hemant Katare, Ajay Singh said, it is a matter of great surprise that girl who was arrested on charges of blackmailing, writes letter after eight days of arrest that she was raped. “If she was raped, then why she did not inform court and media…..she wrote complaint letter from jail….why Jail Department did not inform court about forwarding the letter…how police registered case against Katare without investigation,” he questioned. He also wrote letter to Assembly Speaker Dr Sitasharan Sharma, saying that it is due to political vendetta that action had been taken against Hemant Katare. Demanding Speaker to intervene into the case and to protect the rights of Katare, he demanded that fake case slapped against Katare should be withdrawn.

Notably, tempest came in the corridors of Madhya Pradesh politics when a video of a girl, pursuing journalism course from Bhopal, went viral on social media in which she levelled various kind of allegations against Katare and even said he is a rapist.

Later on, Hemant Katare lodged a complaint with police, accusing the girl of blackmailing him. The case took another twist when accused girl wrote letter that she was raped by Katare. Later on, her mother also lodged complaint with Bajaria police that she was abducted at gun point by Katare and his accomplices.
Congress is crying foul over the manner case was registered against Katare and smells political conspiracy against Katare.