Modi pens book for students, asks them to celebrate exams

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Feb 2018 08:55:30



The 200-page book contains Modi’s 25 exam stressbuster mantras

BOARD exams have been scheduled for the next month and seizing this opportunity Prime Minister Narendra Modi penned a book titled ‘Exam Warriors’ keeping focus on students, teachers and parents.
The author has advised the students not to be afraid of the examination. “Celebrate the exams like the festivals,” PM said in book.

The 200-page book, published by Penguin Random House, contains 25 chapters or we can say Modi’s 25 exam stressbuster mantras. Each mantra has an activity attached with it at the end. The ‘Exam Warriors’ is a book one can easily relate with as the chapters talk about activities/experience which everyone has observed or shared.

The chapters have been titled as ‘Mantras’ read and enjoy as you’re back to school.

Mantra 1 says: ‘Exams are like festivals-celebrate them! The author who has travelled a lot and believes that India is the world’s most youthful nation, asks students to celebrate exams.

Mantra 2 tells: ‘Exams test your current preparation, not you. Chill! Mantra

3: Laugh in, laugh out. Smile fosters relaxation. Always remember: Relax to recall. The best therapy to relax mind is to smile.

Mantra 4 says: Be a warrior, not a worrier!
Mantra 5: Knowledge is permanent-pursue it.
Mantra 6: Compete-with yourself.
Mantra 7: It’s your time-make the most of it.
Mantra 8: The present is God’s greatest ‘Present’-Live here and now.
Mantra 9: Technology is a great teacher-embrace it.
Mantra 10: To do your best, take adequate rest.
Mantra 11: Sleep is a great weapon-sharpen It.
Mantra 12: Play to shine.
Mantra 13: Be your own anchor-celebrate your strengths.
Mantra 14: Revise and become wise.
Mantra 15: Little things matter-observe exam discipline.
Mantra 16: Your exam, your methods-choose your own style.

Mantra 17: Presentation is key-master It. The Prime Minister relates this mantra with the working of his officials. He writes, “As the Prime Minister of India, I receive numerous presentations by ministers and officials about their work. The essence of the rich content comes out even better with quality presentation.

Mantra 18: To cheat is to be cheap. The most interesting chapter where the author says that cheating is extremely harmful. Habitual cheating corrupts the soul. Why mortgage your soul and integrity for anything?

Mantra 19: The answer sheet is a one-way ticket. Move ahead. Many of us must agree to this as the same highlighted by the author.