Colleges in quandary over ban on recruitment; students most affected

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Feb 2018 09:35:00


By Ajay Mardikar,

The institutions of higher education are in a quandary, with the State Government imposing ban on recruitment of teaching and non-teaching employees. Surprisingly the total ban imposed was lifted by 50%, but again the government changed the directions allowing only 30% of the seats to be filled in.

Minister for Higher Education Vinod Tawde, during the winter session of the State Legislature had assured that the vacancies to be filled in will be hiked upto 50% again. However, the direction has not yet been issued.
With the Government, both at Centre and the State announcing various programmes for improving the quality of education, the restrictions on recruitment of staff is a major impediment.

During the last two years a large number of files of approval of advertisements, constitution of committees, appointment of selection panels, finalising dates of interviews etc, are pending without any progress. The delayed elections to various university bodies also caused the delay. The major role in this process is of the Academic Council. Not only the colleges affiliated, but the university departments are also facing the same problem.

RTM Nagpur University is on the verge of completing the process of formation of all the university bodies. The process is likely to begin. However, the rules framed for completing the procedure may bear fruits only for the next academic year.
Maharashtra boasts of second highest in the country, so far as enrollment for higher education is concerned (Youth in 18-23 years group).

The statistics must have been affected because of the ban on recruitment of the teachers. In RTMNU, more than 40% seats are vacant, whereas many colleges affiliated to it have more than half of the posts vacant.
Framing strict rules about conduct of classes, accreditation by NAAC, following academic calendar become difficult and the ultimate sufferer are the students.

The University authorities are also helpless in this situation, mainly due to restrictions imposed by the government.
A large number of advertisements of the affiliated colleges are pending with the university, the sources have informed.