HCG NCHRI Cancer Centre offers short-term finance at 0% interest

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Feb 2018 09:55:36


Business Bureau,

HCG NCHRI Cancer Centre has taken a unique initiative and launched a programme in order to enable patients to avail healthcare services by way of pre-approved short-term finance with zero per cent interest rate.

The programme will address a major concern in society whereby the patient will get an opportunity to be treated with better medical facilities at HCGNCHRI Cancer Center, who otherwise would have gone unattended without care or otherwise ended up borrowing money at exorbitant repayment rates.

Patients can avail the loan for any type of cancer treatment and repay it as per their convenience.
The loan offered to the patient shall bear fixed simple interest rate. For the tenure of one year the loan would be interest free (@ 0%).
If the tenure would be more than one year then there would be minimum rate of interest.
This is a great financial support extended by HCGNCHRI Cencer Center confirmed Dr Ajay Mehta, Director of the Center.

Besides, to mark ‘World Cancer Day on February 4, doctors from HCG NCHRI Cancer Centre organized a cancer awareness programme to encourage its prevention, detection and treatment procedures, especially highlighting tobacco related cancers.

Dr Ajay Mehta – Director and Head of Surgical Oncology –HCG NCHRI Cancer Centresaid, “Through such events and awareness programs, we want to increase the awareness on cancer detection in Nagpur and surrounding areas and that it is important for people to go for regular checkups. By having periodic checkups, early signs of disease and dysfunction can be picked up and hence can be treated early. Tobacco addiction is posing a serious threat to the Indian population and the country's socio-economic development. 30-40 per cent diseases are caused only due to tobacco use in some form or other. Three-fourths of all tobacco-related cancers are head and neck cancers which include cancers of oral cavity, tongue, oesophagus, while about one-fourth is lung cancers.”

Dr Suchitra Mehta – Director and Head of Psycho Oncology – HCG NCHRI Cancer Centre said, “We would need a comprehensive tobacco control programme, public awareness, treatment centre for tobacco dependency and prohibition of manufacturing and sale of all tobacco-based products. As Nagpur sees the highest incidence of cancers of oral cavity in Maharashtra, we would need more awareness and screening programs done and these interventions can make tremendous improvements.”

The event also saw an interactive session along with panel discussion with the experts who addressed the gathering about the importance of cancer awareness and how early detection can lead to a higher chances of survival rates