Polyester must come under Textile Ministry, says R K Vij

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Feb 2018 09:57:27



By Praveen Vighre,

“The world is moving towards polyester fabric, even the Government of India is promoting polyester,” said R K Vij, a polyester expert and Advisor to Indo Rama. Vij was talking to The Hitavada, in an exclusive interview, on the sidelines of the Textile Conference held recently in the city, where he was conferred with the ‘Excellence Award’ for special contribution to the textile industry.

“Cotton has a limit as its production depends on the climatic conditions. Nowadays even the cotton producing farmers are moving towards other cash crops,” he said, adding that earlier only 30 to 35 per cent of polyester was used in fabric, but nowadays its contribution was upto 60 to 70 per cent.

Vij lamented the fact the in our country, polyester, which is a man made fabric, comes under the Petroleum Ministry, but the products are used in textile industry. “The polyester industry must come under the Textile Ministry in-line with cotton,” he said. Vij also demanded that the major raw material used for polyester-making, PTA, must be made cheaper. “Making PTA cheaper will promote polyester and its consumption would increase. Even the GST rate on raw materials like PTA and MEG is 18 per cent, whereas their end product filament and yarn has a 10 and 12 per cent GST burden, creating inverted duty structure. Government must think of bringing PTA and MEG under 12 per cent GST rate as is that of cotton and yarn, both of which are attracting only 5 per cent GST,” Vij suggested.

He also informed that Indo Rama had done expansion in its polyester unit by adding more DTY machines for value addition. Indo Rama has also expanding making speciality fibre and yarn like black, bright, full dull, optical white all under one roof. “Indo Rama now produces all types of fiber and filaments.

Maharashtra can now have more textile units, as the same raw material is easily available in the State itself, instead of other states. This will also create more jobs, skilled and unskilled employment opportunities in Vidarbha region.
The total investment last year by Indo Rama was upto Rs 100 crore. Further investment of Rs 40 crore in next 6 months will also be made to convert the waste, to recycle it and give value addition,” Vij said.