Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Feb 2018 09:14:34










THE Enforcement Directorate (ED) has achieved a first to its credit. No other investigating agency has slapped the stringent money-laundering charge and attached immovable and moveable properties of a top Maoist leader belonging to the Bihar cadre. The crackdown on Maoist commander Sandeep Yadav alias Badka Bhaiyya reveals the manner of finances the ultra extremist group has been amassing through underground activities, including money-laundering. As rightly said by the Prime Minister in the wake of demonetisation of high value currency notes, the move is proving to be back-breaking for terror groups and black money peddlers. This one case is a testimony to that assertion of the Government. The Bihar case of money-laundering by a Maoist should open doors to further extend and intensify investigation in that direction to go to the root of the financial network of the extremist Maoists. It is necessary to strike at the root of their source of finance as a part of the crackdown on the Maoist extremist to cripple them along with use of force.

captain, leader

WHEN he started as an aggressive batsman, Virat Kohli wore a statement of ‘stars-in-eyes-fire-in-belly’ youngsters ready to take on the world. Over the years, in the towering presence of stalwarts of Indian cricket, Kohli learned to temper down his outbursts and found a channel to vent out the pent-up energy. It has stood him in top stead as a phenomenal batsman in all forms of the game. Now with a dedicated role of captain of the Indian cricket team, Kohli is facing a new challenge -- of emerging as a leader who can be a friend and lighthouse for his team-mates. In this context, former South African coach Ray Jennings’ observation of Kohli needing a good guide who can maximise his potential as a leader should be given a deep thought. A leader’s respect comes from his willingness to include colleagues’ viewpoints. Fear is no synonym for respect. The skipper definitely needs a mentor who can make Kohli a great leader. The Ganguly-Tendulkar partnership can be a good template for Kohli.