Oppn ‘lying’ to mislead middle class: PM

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Feb 2018 08:20:42



Delhi Bureau and Agencies,

What Modi said

Congress divided the country for its selfish interests after Independence

If Sardar Patel had been the country’s first Prime Minister, then a part of Jammu and Kashmir would not be in Pakistan’s control

Congress still wants ‘old India’ marked by Emergency, scams and violence against Sikhs, but my party wants to create a ‘New India’.

The biggest tunnel on land, the biggest tunnel under sea, the fastest train and the biggest gas pipe line are being built by the NDA Govt


PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday accused the Congress of spending its time in power eulogising the Gandhi family at the cost of India’s development, dubbed NPAs as the UPA Government’s “sin” and reeled out figures to rebuff Opposition criticism on unemployment and other issues.

In his over 90-minute reply in the Lok Sabha to a debate on the motion of thanks for the President’s address, Modi alleged that lies were being spread to create a sense of disappointment among the middle class about his Government.

In Rajya Sabha also the Prime Minister launched a scathing attack on the Congress saying while it still wanted an “old India” marked by Emergency, scams and violence against Sikhs, his party wanted to create a ‘New India’.
He also sought the Opposition’s cooperation in the passage of the OBC Bill and the triple talaq Bill, besides holding constructive discussion on holding simultaneous polls to Parliament and state assemblies.

Throughout Modi’s speech in Lok Sabha, Congress members were in the Well demanding that promises made to Andhra Pradesh following its division be fulfilled, questioning the Rafale deal and raised slogans targeting him. Amid the din, an unfazed Prime Minister alleged Andhra Pradesh was suffering due to the “hasty decision” of the erstwhile UPA Government to bifurcate the State in 2014 for “political benefits”. The Congress had similarly divided the country at the time of Independence for its selfish interests, he said.
“This is the same party that divided India. For decades, one party devoted all their energies in singing paeans to one family. The interests of the nation were over-looked just for the interests of one family,” he said in his hard-hitting address.

Claiming that his Government has a vision for the country’s development while the Congress worked with a “petty mind”, he said the “biggest tunnel on land, the biggest tunnel under sea, the fastest train and the biggest gas pipe line” were being built by it.

“We have to create a new India. Let us all make our contribution to fulfil to create it,” he said, adding that criticism was democracy’s strength, but not lies.
The President’s address does not belong to one party but underlines the Government’s direction, he said, and, in a dig, asked Opposition leaders to read it again and “seek others’ help if they cannot understand its language.”

The Lok Sabha adopted the motion with a voice vote after Opposition parties like the Congress, Trinamool Congress and the Left staged a walk out, saying Modi did not address issues raised by them like alleged corruption in Rafale deal.
Modi claimed that the Opposition has been attacking him as its leaders were “losing their sleep “ due to his fight against corruption and black money.

Many of them are out on bail in corruption cases, he said and noted that four former Chief Ministers are behind bars.
“When the corrupt and middlemen are out of work, obviously the Congress will be unhappy... Nobody is going to be spared. Those who have robbed the country will have to return their loot to the common man,” he said amid thumping of desks by treasury benches and loud sloganeering by Congress members in the Well. He termed the non-performing assets (NPAs) a “sin” of the UPA Government and said he was giving its details for the first time as had he spoken earlier, it would have seriously harmed the economy.

He said the Congress gave wrong figures as NPAs were 82 per cent and not 36 per cent and added that the total advance made by banks rose from Rs 18 lakh crore to Rs 52 lakh crore. “People should now know the truth.... It is the interest on what you squandered away. These are your sins,” Modi said targeting the Congress, and alleged that loans were given to the people who were close to those in power.

He said the Opposition’s protest against his Government’s use of Aadhaar was due to its scientific use to weed out corruption and give direct benefits to the people.
When his Government took office in 2014, the chorus from the Opposition was that he will scrap Aadhaar but when he made it more effective, they began opposing it, Modi said.
Countering criticism of the Government over the issue of unemployment, he said Opposition-ruled States of West Bengal, Kerala, Odisha and Karnataka have said that they have given employment to close to one crore people. If the Centre is blamed for unemployment figures, then it should also be credited for employment data, he said. “Don’t try to mislead the people,” he told referring to the opposition, adding that he had not cited figures of BJP-ruled states but those where it was in power.

He also hit out at the Congress President, who was in the House, for presenting the Government “in a wrong light” on his overseas trips. “Don’t you feel ashamed,” he asked without naming him.
When Indian Army was involved in a stand-off with the Chinese Army in Doka La, the Congress leader was speaking to Chinese officials, he said.

He recalled that BJP stalwart Atal Behari Vajpayee had expressed his party’s reservations to then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi privately during the Shimla agreement with Pakistan and did not harm India with any public criticism.
PM takes dig at Renuka for her laughter: PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday took a dig at Congress member Renuka Chowdhury over her loud laughter at his claim that the idea of Aadhaar was conceptualised during the Atal Behari Vajpayee Government.

“Chairman sir, don’t stop Renukaji. Ever since seeing Ramayana serial, for the first time I have got an opportunity to see such a laughter,” Modi said, to the thumping from the treasury benches. The PM’s remark came after Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu warned Chowdhury over her behaviour.

“I will have to name you Renukaji for your unruly behaviour,” remarked Naidu after Chowdhury laughed at the Prime Minister’s claim over Aadhaar. Later talking to reporters Chowdhury described the Prime Minister’s jibe as anti-women.