568 villagers lodge plaints at Jan Sunvai

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Feb 2018 10:25:27

Our Correspondent

In a session of Jan Sunvai at the Collectorate, a record number of 568 complaints from across the district on various issues were raised before District Collector Anurag Chaudhary who was accompanied along with Additional Collector Seetaram Pradhan, Priyank Mishra CEO District Panchayat and other officials. Reportedly out of 568 cases, 400 were disposed off by Collector and subordinates.

Collector Singrauli was again fumed after one Agnanwadi worker Sunita Saket, who reached the session for transfer, was asked by the Collector as to how she could be out of Anganwadi center when Mangal Diwas is being observed. Not satisfied with the reply, Collector Singrauli instructed to deduct three days’ salary of the Anganwadi worker.

Seeta Devi Viyar, resident from Jaynagar, Phoolmati Bega from village Mahua and others seeking financial assistance for medical treatment were given eligibility slip. Other 330 complaints were tabled before the chair, pertaining illegal encroachment by people, making of ration card (BPL) while complaints from delay in obtaining bank loan and from Revenue Department were tabled on the occasion.

The appellants present in the Jan Sunvai expressed resentment on the slow making of Below Poverty Line ration card, making of pucca toilet, faulty electricity bills given by MPSEB to consumers and delay in disbursement of wage to labourers deployed under Pradhan Mantri Awas yojna.

According to information, during the weekly Jan Sunvai session held recently at Collectorate conference hall chaired by Collector Anurag Chaudhary who was accompanied by Additional Collector Seetaram Pradhan, CEO Priyank Mishra with subordinate staff from departments.

Cases of redress were tabled before the Collector who gave patient hearing to the appellants. Out of 330 appellants present, a large number had complaint on faulty electricity bills. On which collector Singrauli instructed the officers from MPSEB to provide redress to the complaint of large number of appellants. The top brass of district administration directed that all cases tabled to concern department and instructed to ensure early distribution of BPL ration card and cases pertaining to Revenue Department were accordingly handed over to officers from the department for early response.

Appellant from adjoining development blocks of the district and rural areas lodged their complaints during the Jan Sunvai. Additional Collector Seetaram Pradhan, CHMO Rajesh Shrivastava, DEO R P Pandey Deputy Commissioner SMC, R P Vaishya, Subhadhra Manikpuri District Woman and Child Development Officer and others in the Jan Sunvai session who also lend ears to the villagers who came in with their complaints.