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PRIOR to the start of the South African itinerary, the Indian cricket team was supposed to be under pressure of continuing its seemingly unstoppable winning streak even on alien soil. While it did face pressure during the first two Tests because of conditions tailor-made to suit the home team bowlers with Indian batsmen struggling to find their feet, there is a complete turn-around in the one-day series, with the South Africans looking like novices before the marauding Indian batsmen, led from the front by captain Virat Kohli and Indian bowlers, particularly making South African batsmen dance to their tune. While Yujvendra Chahal and Kuldip Yadav have cast a web around South African batsmen’s feet, it is Virat Kohli who seems to be exploding with every game. Such is his dominance on the game that the host bowlers seem to have no clues to stop him. It is worth noting that Virat Kohli is not indulging in needless and mindless aerial hitting. His approach to batting appears to be somewhere between that of Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, a classicist’s delight.

follow norms

THE Central Cabinet has approved establishment of as many as 24 medical colleges across the country. Immediately following the concern expressed by President Mr. Ram Nath Kovind in this regard, the Centre has taken quick steps, including making appropriate financial allocation in the recent budget. This quick action is certainly laudable by any standard. However, it must be stressed at this point that even as the Government pushes the project, it must take care that it follows all the norms for establishment of medical colleges. Though it is expected generally that the Government Medical Colleges follow norms, the overall national experience is not very encouraging. For, many medical colleges run by the State Governments do not measure up to the standards set by the Medical Council of India (MCI). This reality has led to many uncomfortable conditions afflicting the overall quality of medical education in the country. This experience must be avoided at all costs as the Government pushes new medical colleges.