bad phase

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Feb 2018 10:42:04

MUCH before the talks of the next general elections began figuring in the conversation of common man, the Opposition parties moved into the election mode and started hitting at the Government and the ruling party for its failures. So, everything the Government is doing has started coming in for barbed criticism by the Opposition leaders. In this mode, the Opposition did not mind even criticising the Government for the surgical strikes the Army carried out into the Pakistani territory.

This same mood has continued also during the discussions in Parliament on the recent Union Budget. That has lent a rather base quality to the debate on the floor of the two Houses, so much so that nothing good is being seen or commented upon. And because the Opposition has put itself into an overdrive hitting at the Government -- with or without reason --, the Government and the ruling party also has switched gears and have started hitting back at the Opposition, again with or without reason. For the Indian democracy, this is an utterly bad phase. 

Let us also not miss other aspects of this bad phase. All over the country, the Opposition has begun pushing its goons into action in eruption of violent protests of epidemic proportions. These goons do not seem to need any specific reason to rise in violent action; anything and everything is good enough to blast the Government. The Bhima-Koregaon riots in Maharashtra, the Kasganj incidents, the angry and violent protests over ‘Padmaavat’ and now over ‘Manikarnika’ -- all these are only political in nature and have no sense of reason or proportion, indicating that the nation has moved into the election mode.

This utter senselessness has always come up in Indian public affairs whenever polls are sensed in the distance. And when such a phase arrives, the first victim of all the action is reason. Voice of reason vanishes into thin air and what takes its place is an utter nonsense of purely plebiscitary nature, when gallery becomes the target. Such an activity becomes the main plank of both sides, the Ruling or the Opposition, with none realising that what is getting damaged is the national fabric’s weave.

In the current phase that we are witnessing for the past couple of months now, it appears that the Opposition parties have switched into election mode much earlier than usual. Though it must be admitted that in such a condition all parties go to extremes and indulge in actions and statements that defy reason, the Opposition parties’ approach seems the dirtiest. Their aim is somehow to distort the good work done by the Government and present its every action as utter failure.

This also includes the very thoughtful speech delivered by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi at the Plenary session of the World Economic Forum at Davos in Switzerland. Because the Prime Minister quoted Ishopanishad, the so-called secular ideologues of Opposition parties have raised objections, forgetting that the Vedanta is a common global heritage, a gift from India to humanity.

When the Government realised that such a senseless criticism was being heaped on even its correct actions, its ideologues, too, moved into high-octane mode and started hitting back. In the resultant mud-slinging, the nation’s common people are suffering. For, in such a phase, when nothing soothes the public mood, every fact can be distorted from both sides. This is a very dangerous phase in India’s public affairs, which most unfortunately, the political community does not seem to realise.

It is time, the political community realised its folly and avoided its repetition in future. Elections are at least one year away, and the common man deserves a calm atmosphere to think who to vote for. Will the political community think about this?