Fire in the belly: Passion

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Mar 2018 11:26:22


By nitin bakshi

I am yet to come across a powerful term like ‘passion’, which seems to have crossed wordily boundaries when it comes to penning down any authentic definition for it. It has assumed gigantic proportion in today’s competitive corporate world. Even though it is not within the parameter of any set definition, it has scaled a height which is above all the set qualities that are required to become a dynamic leader in any field of life.

It has been pointed out by the most respected Peter F. Drucker that passion is that factor which carves intellectually stimulating connection between brilliant innovation and die-hard entrepreneurship. Let us explain in brief the top quality that differentiates great leaders from run-of-the-mill managers. Well, even if it feels that there are several qualities which can make you a leader of the top bracket, but the deciding factor has to be ‘passion’ only. The existence of this particular quality in any individual spells world of difference in being a titan of a performer or simply a very good leader.

Dr Jonathan Byrnes in his exhaustive HBS research papers has termed “passion” as the top essential characteristic of transformational leaders. Describing it as the “fire in the belly”, Dr Byrnes says exceptional leaders are simple people who have nothing but hot burning fire in their bellies in form of passion for the committed goal to help them accomplish their dreams. The mercurial management guru, Guy Kawasaki, has gone on record to state that “the need of the hour is to recruit world-class individuals by identifying them on the basis of the passion they have rather than luring them with money”.

The most outstanding thoughts on passion came from Warren Buffett, who is the world’s most influential investor of all time. He said “When you have able managers of high character running businesses about which they are passionate, you can have a dozen reporting to you and still have time for an afternoon nap”. Michael Dell, Chairman, CEO, Dell Computers, describes passion in his inimitable style that “Passion should be the fire that drives you towards the goal of your life”. Jack Welch, who is known to the international corporate community as the most imperious autocratic boss world over, has termed passion as the only ingredient he always looked for while recruiting new individuals in his company. He sums up his approach as “ Don’t just go by their education or personality, but look into their heart for burning desire which counts more than anything else”.

The above description sums up passion as the burning desire to do something in outstanding as well as distinguished manner. A professional person who is passionate about doing something which he likes to do is sure to get the desired result sooner than later. We would get into the details as to what wonders passion can perform if the feeling of passion is firstly identified, secondly nurtured and finally brought about in reality in proper way.

If gets you motivated: A passionate professional is the one who is driven by the burning desire to excel. When you have burning desire to do something, you tend to work harder. You do not require any person or any particular event to motivate you to do something. A passionate professional chooses his own course of direction to work and works relentlessly till he achieves his goal. He does not care about the obstacles that come in his way and instead finds path to overcome them. Since he internally feels the urge to excel, he works more sincerely and delivers the best possible results.
It drives pressure out of your life: It is rightly said that ‘Professionals work only in two stages – either out of pressure or out of passion’. Those who don’t work with the burning desire are more likely to feel the heat of the work and get pressurised in order to make compromise between efforts and deadlines. In case of passionate professionals, there is no pressure as the profession is chosen out of passion and not out of pressure. The passionate professional goes about doing his work of meeting the deadlines in enthusiastic manner and hence does not feel any kind of pressure.

It makes you a natural leader: Leadership traits come automatically to passionate professionals. The main reason behind the concept of automatic leadership is that the person who has passion always leads by example. Since he loves his work, his work leaves indelible impressions for all. His working style is always found infectious and people working around always get attracted towards him.

It ignites positivity inside: Corporate leader is supposed to be extremely positive even when the chips are down. There are several phases in business, which push the leader right up to the rope. The leader who carries passion in his belly remains positive irrespective of the situation of the business. Even if it runs through rough weather, the leader always believes that the difficult period would not last longer against the back drop of his strong will-power.
It helps to commit and remain committed: It is important to be committed towards excellence in business. Commitment always ensures that the professional remains focused on his goal. In case the focus gets distracted, the level of efforts comes down immediately resulting in adverse situation in business. It is often found that passion keeps the professionals highly committed towards achieving the best. It is therefore extremely important to get involved in only that business for which we have burning desire in the heart, because that burning desire will take care of the keeping us committed.

It makes you perfect role model: A professional who is passionate about his profession keeps on working hard relentlessly for longer period. Since he likes his profession, the hard work comes naturally to him. Any professional who is able to sustain the tempo of hard work for longer period automatically succeeds in that field. He is looked after by his contemporaries with reverence. Because of his grit, passion, hard-working abilities and commitment, he becomes role model for others to follow.

The outstanding quality of the passionate professionals is that they are highly infectious and hence immediately infect the other people who come in contact with them. They infect others with their energy, enthusiasm and integrity. The core approach of the passionate person is that “I am doing what I love to do personally and professionally”.

Passion is exciting, inspiring and demanding as well. That is the reason why it drives the professional from where he is to where he wants to be. Passion separates the haves from the have-nots, boys from men and greats from the greatest. It is the only factor which could be termed as defining element in the lives of successful people. The all important thing to imbibe is that all professionals should feel passionate about the profession they are doing, as that will make their journey to the top a lot smoother, safer and faster. It is, therefore, rightly said that ‘Nothing works like passion and nothing works without passion’.
(The author is Director, The First Step, Akola and can be reached at [email protected])